A few questions about OT and pickup

  1. Is it possible to introduce a delay (around 100ms) between a hardware input and a pickup machine ?
  2. Can a pickup machine be “armed” and start recording when the signal goes above a threshold ?
  3. Can you, by default, shift the playing start point of the recorded buffer with the same delay as in question 1. ?

To be clear, here’s the workflow I’m trying to achieve (I do it currently with Max/MSP) :

  • hit “arm”
  • make a sound through a microphone
  • it detects the hit so it records for 2 seconds
  • I’m then able to manually adjust the start time, including going before the moment the hit was detected (thus the delay between the input and the recorder).

This would have to be super fast, since I’d probably make this hundreds of times during a performance.

Thanks !


Anyone ?


Sorry, was waiting for a more knowledgeable person like @sezare56 or @Open_Mike to respond. I am not aware of activating pickup machine recording based on signal amplitude rising above a set threshold, but maybe one of the higher level OT wizards might know of a trick.

I’ve always just used a MIDI foot controller - a KMI Soft Step 2 in my case - to activate pickup machine recording when I need to loop/sample something in the OT with tighter timing.


We are on holidays. :content:
No threshold level trigger.
There is a threshold for noise gate, gate reverb, compressor…

Trigs and rec trigs can be shifted with microtiming. +/- 1 step, 1/24 step resolution.
You can also delay all “play” trigs with swing.

As @GovernorSilver, I’d use a midi controller or rec buttons for one shot / direct recording, using track recorders and Flex instead of Pickups.

With DIY Aduino, possible to send a rec note with audio threshold.


I’ll try to borrow a unit and make my tests.