A capella

Where do you guys get your a capella from? Is there a good source or is it just down to YouTube and/or know a singer?

I bought an a capella sample pack from loopmasters, but when i listened through the files, it was obvious that they were just the sloppy/out of key rejects from sombodys cutting room floor. Is this the case for the majority of them?

Any advice would be great, thanks!

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I’m especially interested in ethnic style singing that’s not accompanied by instrumentation. I’ve always struggled to find what I want too.

I rip a lot from youtube. Not always the best quality but every once in a while I find a gem. Searching for vocal lessons is an easy way to get isolated vocals.

I’ve also been using Izotope RX to rip vocals from music. Works very well in a sparse mix.

As someone that has explored the depths of so many acapellas - I would really implore you to explore the vocalists in your area.

In 2022 it’s really possible to make a professional recording on a budget. UAD with Unison technology + a nice mic (AKG414 is my suggestion for a vocal mic that works with many types of voices and relatively affordable) and you have everything needed to make some new music. And without sample clearance/publishing/music business issues.

I don’t mean to come across condescending at all - more that we are in the golden age of affordability regarding recording - go out and make something new. There are so many social issues, beautiful moments and of the time issues to explore and to be inspired by, and we need music that reflects the current day.

Don’t let 90s RNB publishing owners have any say in your musical output, enjoy what I feel to be the most satisfying aspect of music making; make something with a songwriter or a vocalist that is brand new and reflects where you are in the world and how you see it. It’s endlessly rewarding.



It will be mostly the case in my experience. If someone can write they will either write for themselves or others. And only then, if needing income, will they submit the scraps to sample packs.

Also factor in that if you have access to said accapella then many other people do too, so then ask yourself does this help or hinder you when trying to achieve a unique sound?

True, looks like im gonna have to crawl out from under my rock and socialize.

Writing and performing music has for a long time been my substitute for interpersonal connection.

This is good, this will be good for me

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its been a minute since ive actually used them but i was using https://www.acapellas4u.co.uk/

i dont know the legality of this but it was good for me when i used it, it used to be a limited amount of downloads per month i think, not sure about how it is now tho