7 × OS Update


Thanks for all the hard work! @elektron


Should we start a complaints thread about too many updates at once? :grin:


What a slick move, just as everyone was getting upset about the Heat MKII, Elektron drops these updates and completely redeemed themselves!

I’m so excited to try the dual vco!!!


Yesssss <3


Analog Rytm Mk 1 no longer has an English manual on the support page…


Great updates. Biggest update for me apart from RYTM’s VCO is the FX midi channel updates on DT and DN. I can now modulate the master effects!!! Very cool.


It’s not an issue. It was deliberately designed this way. Use the detune parameter. It’s made to do exactly this.


Swedish only?


a4 mki

Creating aÂnew project via the Project Manager resulted in that the new project had unstable Kits
and missing parameter icons.

can somebody PLEASE fill me in what missing “parameter icons”
I would expect to “not” see ?

I have 50 + different pojects in my A4 mki and I am really curious if I have been missing this for the last 2 years (hint hint, lfo destinations maybe?)


what is a parameter icon?


Thanks, I’m on a lost island and couldn’t download the update file. :thup:

I still have a doubt about improvements for MKI…
Only Switch / CV / Pedals improvements ?
No midi message to trigger the envelope ?


WOW,just been playing with the new VCO’S and they sound incredible, i got a quick hard techno track going and I’m blown away how good they sound,great direction you are going elektron if this is a ‘new’ sound


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Holy eff I can’t wait


Dual VCO sounds fantastic for bass! Exactly what I was wanting!



At the moment, only Japanese has a full Mk1 manual for Rytm.


I have a question before upadating my ARMKI - will samples, projects, kits etc from the old version be fully working and at there previous place? In case of downgrading again (as i need overbridge in my daw projects until OB 2 is released), will samples, projects etc work like before?


the 2.0…the newer version that is going to be available. The only one I guess!


GOOD LORD!!! I have been waiting for the 2OSC update and will use it to kick ass in my upcoming club gigs this summer.


Got the OT with a solar panel with you? :wink:


Not for 2 days, crossing with a small boat !
I’m waiting for water proof MKIII. :slight_smile: