7 hour Tutorial Analog Rytm (german)


Hi everyone!

I have released my first Analog Rytm course in german at DVD-Lernkurs, which has a duration of 7 hours. Maybe it’s interesting for some german elektronauts? :slight_smile:

The focus is on sound design, so 3 hours for the instruments and 4 hours for the sequencer, sampling and typical tools (filter, lfo etc.)


I’ll also do a free webinar on it (in german): https://www.dvd-lernkurs.de/elektron-faq-mit-kai-chonishvili.html



That sounds very useful - any chance of adding English subtitles?


Hey bigmiff,

no sorry, a translation is not planned.



this is exactly what i’m looking for. There aren’t many tutorials on RYTM synthesis available. too bad its in german…


Yes lernkurs produce quality tutorials but sad that there wont be any english subtitles to any of them.