606 Simulation?

The latest TR-8 update got me wondering how close anyone has got the MD to sound like a TR-606?

I love the kick, snare and hats from the 606. I could use samples but always prefer the flexibility of the synthesis machines. I know there were a couple of threads on the old Elektron-Users forum but almost all discussion and no success. :slight_smile:

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Well Fuseball, I am a big fan of the TR-606 and its many variations (Acidlab Drumatix, DR-110, Rytm’s recent Natural SD and Metallic CH/OHCY).
However I am waiting on my MD MkII to arrive and once it does I plan to give it a go with creating a 606-ish kit.

I had some time with a friend’s MD, and the metallic (MTAL) parameters on the TRX CH/OH certainly help, but they do not exist on the TRX-CY, which could be problematic.

The toms shouldn’t be too hard at all, nor should the snare be. I’ve just recently synthesized a DR-110 snare with my A4, and am working on a 606 snare there.
For the kick and snare, and possibly the CY, I think the trick will be clever TRG LFO automation.
It may require additional tracks’ LFOs to get it to work, but I aim to find out!


I look forward to hearing how you get on. If I get some free time at the weekend I’ll have a go myself too.

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I think you can if you layer for example a trx kick drum and a machine that sounds more natural, that one, the one I forgot the name…but yeah, it will not be spot on. if you bought the UW get samples from trash audio…they have some.
but yeah, layering seems to be the key.

As you mentioned 606 samples: http://samplesfrommars.com has a great 606 sample pack, with a lot of analog processing/tape saturation/etc in addition to really high quality dry sounds.

Use the impulse and noise machines - they sound pretty 606 or cr analog
Justin has a great tr 808 emulation using the layers and impulse machines
And there’s a dr emulation and kit around