600 bpm!

This is amazing.
I’m going to steal this technique and do a much worse job of it.


Going the other way,
30bpm 64 1/8 1:8, gives us a maximum beat interval of

34mins 8sec


OK - I just found something seriously crazy.

Ryan had a good idea above which was to use lock trigs to mess with a running sample. So I decided to explore that.

I used a sample of Cenk demoing the Digitakt, because he’s fantastic (a small tribute of sorts :slight_smile: ).

I set my sample mangling to this layout (blue is regular trig, and yellow is a lock trig):

I removed all effects, so you can hear more of the details of what’s going on. The first part (28 secs) is the normal demo, and the later part is me changing the tune of the lock trigs while it’s playing. Note that you can hear the slices at different tuning (low for trigs 2 and 4 and high for trig 3)

Edit: Here is one with effects, and setting the lock-trigs to 50%., no manual automation just the trigs

Another thing I ran into was that by going from forward to reverse to forward (as shown in the diagram) I got a time stretching like effect. I would expect to hear backwards audio, but I can’t detect it.

For me the highlight was that while the pattern was looping I held down 2 lock trigs and changed the tune, then messed with the other trigs. IOW, you can do things like add delay on 1 “slice”, p-lock the delay to off for the other slices, etc while it’s running.

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