6-core laptops for making music


Same here. It’ll happen eventually. Meanwhile, I ordered an external display for my MacBook Air. I’ve been very busy hacking away lately, and 27” of 4K @60hz screen real estate is going to be a significant upgrade from my built-in non Retina display. The lil’ thing runs the Nord Modular Editor no problem, and has great battery life and a better keyboard than the newer Apple offerings, but I think it might freak out if I tried to do much of anything in something like Reason.

Watch, once I’m able to see what I’m doing I’m going to turn into some sort of VST fiend.


it may happen for apple… i guess they’ll do a couple more speed bumps and intel versions until they get their own chips done. that’s their (long term) plan… apple chips doing the thing. for better or worse.


The more I learn the more I think it’s probably for the best. Their hardware is so custom at this point that having to depend on Intel slows them down. Either way, that’s what they’re doing. Though it’s a bit unnerving wondering how it’ll all play out at the OS level.


OS level and compatibility level. could all become iOS and app store or some shit. wouldn’t put it by apple to struly sandbox the whole thing.





Edit: Damn! Up to 4TB SSD


i like apple stuff though its expensive… and then you need to but leads/dongles/adapters .

i like that you are not forced to be given beats headphones , i pity those students who get them for free.
too much single use plastics in the world already… (single use headphones… … put them in , listen to tune , take them out and throw away)…

that said , i have imac , mac book pro , xeon mac , 2 x ipads , iphone 5 , ipod midi ,ipod touch , 100’s of apps … they’ve made a lot of money out of me … i also have lots of unused apple headphones i should throw away.

im not gonna start talking about windows… ha…


You can sell the headphones though to help offset the costs. Maybe you can get $100 for them.


people pay that much for them ? ., amazing what marketing can do.
i saw that they added weights to them to add to the ‘premium’ feel.

anyway… everyone has a choice and i’ve made some unwise ones in the past… buying ‘beats’ is not one of them


Has anyone had extensive experience with the newer model MacBook Pro keyboards? I’ve heard some people say that it’s a painful experience


Good to see a quad core option for the 13" MBP finally as well. I’ll wait for the refurb quad 13s to come, should be about 3-4 months.


another super happy apple air user…i recently replaced the logic board for twice the ram, a significant speed increase, 4k connectivity, and thunderbolt 2.0.

i followed this guide…super easy.

edit: by the way, if you have a 2013-2014 macbook air it’s still compatible with the 2015+ logic board.


I’m fine with them. I bought one of the new (current-style) late 2016 MBPs as soon as they were announced. I know people like to complain about the keyboard but I’ve not had any issues with mine. They are a bit loud, especially when new and especially if you like to hammer the keys a bit. And the cursor key layout isn’t great. But the actual key action is fine in use, IMHO.


I bought a 8thread i7 laptoppie with a gigantic amount of ram a few years ago… and dont regret it… i can open up for me ridiculous amount of vst… and it still works… versus the previous laptop where i could get it on its knees… Especially using lfo’s on stuff. as in time there be stuff that was very cpu-intensive but unpredictable in nature due to the lfos… now i dont have that problem… i can add and add lfo’s and stuff until i am happy… not sure if everybody wanna listen to the result :smiley: those experiments are eh “out there” but sure fun 2 do…


i tried it in an apple store , didnt like it . keys dont press down much , seemed very flat.
they may be a little different on the recent models though…


I’m still running a mid 2012 quad core MBP (last of the pre-retina upgradable MBPs). Replaced the superdrive with an SSD so I’ve got two hard drives but aside from that it’s stock. Have mixed 24 channels of 48kHz/24bit audio with a heap of audio unit FX and never run into any problems. Can throw multiple AU instruments at it without issue.

That said, it slows to a crawl if my 9yo attempts to use it to play Fortnite!


I was really really close to ordering a Thinkpad P52 with the Xeon E-2176M processor and 32GB ECC RAM for $2200 (after tax) a couple weeks ago when Lenovo was having a huge sale for one weekend, but I ultimately went with a 2018 15" (2.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, 560X, 512GB SDD) Macbook Pro I managed to get for $2509 instead.

I played with it all last night, and I’m in love. Also, I actually really like the keyboard & the touch bar. I prefer OSX over Windows 10 by too much of a margin, and the incredible touchpad & display are too important to me. I’m very pleased with this gorgeous laptop so far (knock on wood).


That’s my debacle. I could probably get a better quality:cost ratio if I went to windows- but I just really prefer MacOS. I keep eyeing and scheming a way to get a new MBP with the upgraded Processing 32GB RAM and, like 2TB Storage.



Haha, stop! You don’t need a $7000 laptop to make music. Plus after spending all that you still need dongles to get to the USB standard! I’ve been a Mac guy since the 90s, this latest version of the Macbook Pro is outrageous.


OSX is just such a pleasure to use imo. I was really stressing over whether or not to get the additional RAM, but it would have put me over the $3000 mark. Additional RAM, updated I9, and larger SDD really starts adding up when buying Apple laptops. I think I’d rather also get an additional iMac with way more power at some point.