6-core laptops for making music


I haven’t used my laptop to make music for many years now, but I’ve been thinking about updating my copy of Reason to the latest version, and picking up all the Synapse REs. With these 6-core laptops coming out soon, the idea of being able to use all that power with Reason seems very attractive.



If you need more than a quad core
Then you do something wrong

I think


It’d be super awesome to be able to stack all types of CPU-hungry REs, give every sound individual Softube compressors/EQs, layer everything, etc. without any concern about limitations I think.


this BenQ PD2700Q (27", QHD 2560 X 1440, IPS) is very nice for separate the REASON RACK window on its own screen :wink:




Does Reason have problems scaling with hi rez screens, i thought it has scaling issues?


I’ve been evaluating the Waldorf Quantum, which is a digital powerhouse – and in comparison, to analyze it’s cost v performance i have been considering a high performance PC (or the multi-core Mac Pros - way more expensive) with a variety of software. Rather than laptop, i’ve been thinking about the HP Z2 G3 mini workstation. They don’t have them with an i9 quite yet or with a 6-core i7 but i am expecting this soon.

With the NVIDIA board it could do video synthesis too.


I didn’t notice wrong behavior…
I mean no such things you can’t handle with screen preferences. I find the experience really nice right out the box You can of course get back the screen in half resolution to get full rack on the width if your eyes are too far from the screen but if it closed you can have 2 columns of devices and you can handle it not really an issue to me.

  • The screen is very nice for me because I’m graphic and web designer… so the quality is neat and colors are TOP it’s the best screen for the price (NOT FOR GAMING : GAMERS should avoid this one)


Had 2 4K screens at my last job, what a joy for menus and programs! stuck with 2 1080p at home but will upgrade soon.


Do it. Ridiculous power. Unlimited potential
Imo the best money that can be spent in audio production, apart from good monitors



I think I’m going to wait for the MacBook Pro when it gets the new chip. They just have such amazing build quality. It’ll probably be like 3 grand though, so I think I’m going to have to sell this OB6 module I just recently picked up to make it happen :disappointed_relieved:


@Prints Don’t do it! Selling an OB6 to buy something that will be worthless in a few years is not a great idea IMO.


No problem
When you buy the laptop just buy Diva :joy:
Jokes aside, that’s a big decision you have there


This is the most reasonably priced 8th gen i7 6-core laptop with 16GB RAM I have come across:

Tempting if that firecuda storage drive is easily removable to be swapped with a real SSD.

quick review… https://mylaptopguide.com/asus-rog-strix-gl503ge-es73-hero-edition-gaming-laptop-review/


The newly designed 6-core Razer laptops coming out in June look really nice. 32gb RAM too, which appears will not be possible for the 2018 MacBook.



I wonder how loud these things are when running?


I’m there. 6-Cores, 32 RAM sounds like a dream. If the storage can be updated it’s definitely a possibility. I’ll use my MacBook for programming purposes

Damn shame about the 2018 MacBooks- I don’t know why they won’t do that


Of course you can configure them any way you’d like but check out this monster! 8th gen i9. $3k is waaaaay more than I’d spend but this thing probably makes coffee and flushes for you !

It’s a Dell dude!


Those are definitely nice. But I prefer something sleeker, with an aluminum body like a MacBook. I still want to see what Apple does.