5000 subscribers celebratory techno made from every video I made

Hi everyone,

So I reached the 5000 milestone and thought it would be nice to celebrate that with a video track made from tiny samples of every video I’ve ever made. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Also, thanks to the elektronauts. Nicest forum I’ve ever come across. Thanks for the support on my videos over the last two years.



Congrats! The visual representation of the samples being played is a nice touch.

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Thanks !
Was a lof editing work. It’s all created in Premiere which is not a very good tool to use as a DAW :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to watching this later Dave. Congrats too, you’ve deserved this from all you hard work and your helpful attitude to us noobs. Nice one!

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congrats :smiley_cat:


Proficiat Dave, great to see a content creator getting the success he deserves !

I raise my glass to the road to 10k :tropical_drink:

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Thanks Dave, a bit dizzy after the vid though.

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Congratulations Dave. So very well deserved in the light of what you share and give back to the community. I remember the vid of you in the woods taking samples. Reminded me then of this combo vid / sample track. And now this edit reminded me again. Do you know Timber ?

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Haha yeah it’s quite intense. Thought it was a funny idea though.

Cheer zeropoint. Appreciate the kind words.

Never saw that before I think. That’s a pretty cool connection with both video’s indeed. :slight_smile: