48 ppqn DIN Sync

So I have had success outputting a 24 ppqn DIN Sync from my Elektrons. But it seems that when I try to output 48 ppqn DIN from my Rytm Mk2 (and for my Analog 4 Mk1), it still outputs 24 ppqn even when I have set it in the settings to output 48. Am I missing something here?

Incidentally, my Digtakt outputs 48 ppqn just fine…EXCEPT when I have it slaved to my DAW, in which case it for some reason reverts back to 24 ppqn (frustrating!).

Has anyone else tried 48 ppqn DIN Sync from their A4 or Rytm?

Same for me. 24ppq DIN out when synced.

Bummer, I could really use an actual 48 ppqn out on my Rytm (or A4)