4 bars is not enough


Hello? 4 bars is a joke… 8 is the limit…


You need an Australian pub crawl my man


I prefer 1 bar. I’m lazy


It depends on the conditionals. :notes:


I prefer 4 steps


e e e E


Try BPM at half speed and get 8 bars (sort of)


Chaining 8x 1 bar patterns should get you there. Cool thing is you can quickly access a bar for editing. Shame it’s not that easy in Play mode though.
I remember having once submitted a feature where Stop+Rec combo would get you there…


It looks like they ate their limit. :fish:


Think it depends on the music you’re making. Rhythmically trig conditions get you there within a couple of bars (if you have an Elektron box that does TRC… I don’t, anymore). Melodically however I find myself chaining two 64-step patterns a lot of the time.

Cygnus was complaining pretty hard about the 4-bar pattern limit a while back…


Hello? that was last year, this year 8 bars is a joke… 16 is the limit…


Use conditional trigs to get ‘longer’ patterns.
Limitation drives creativity. Otherwise, use a DAW.


Use another sequencer if 4 bars isn’t enough


Like others have stated, you have options. Especially if you’re just trying to get to 8 bars, that’s easy.

  1. Conditional trigs (I use 2/2 a ton for 8 bar phrases)
  2. Cut the tempo of your project in half (downside is less note resolution)
  3. Pattern chaining

I will admit I liked 8 bars as default when l had my Korg EMX-1 but there are ways to get there with Elektron Sequencers with very little effort.


4 bars x 128 [patterns] should be plenty. unless you are writing EXTREMELY long patterns :confused: