303 Machine w/ Elektron

Hi! I have Digi’s and an A4 is underway. Switched to Elektron completely but now I want to add something to my live/prod setup. A 303 machine. What would you suggest to pair well with an Elektron setup? I don’t care too much about authenticity… Rn thinking about either the Behringer TD-3-MO or the Roland Boutique TB-03… Perhaps the Behringer TD-3 basic because 130 euros new is just damn… I’ve seen Cenk is using (or used) a boutique as well which might have better MIDI ability but is digital. Good sounding tho, but still, the Modded Out Behringer has the really deep squelch… What do you think?

Flip a coin for it.

If you want cheap go behringer.

If you want proper build, built in reverb and delay fx, full midi etc go boutique.

Or, build your own. X0xbox kits are fun (thats what I did)

The analogue vs digital debate is meaningless,
At the end of the day, they’ll all do the job.

Most of all, dont base your decision on what other people are doing or saying. Go with what ever appeals to you the most, based on what you like.


Agree with @Microtribe.

I use one of these and love it.

Use the Analog Four? :wink:

Third example from the top.


It would probably get even closer with the new SY RAW…


Syntakt RAW acid :wink:
(direct audio from the syntakt)

(0:25 sounds the coolest)


You can also do very good 303 sounds with digitone. Really easy.


I have a TD3. it’s cheap and it writes basslines with a punch of two buttons. you have to cycle thru a lot of bad patterns, but it comes up with patterns that are good, and if you know how to edit them, great.


There is a 303 templet for A4. A quick search in the forums should get you the results your looking for. It sounds really good and can be manipulated very easily with the A4. Maybe save some money too.

I don’t think you want or need a 303.

As others have said, the A4 is vastly more powerful than a 303 and can do bends and squelches and other more experimental sounds.

A SH-01A is probably a better choice for you if you go the boutique route. If you just want to spend about $200 on something different, then spend some time watching Craigslist or your local equivalent and buy something weird and cheap.

If you want cheap access to the 303 sound, the TD-3-MO is more fun to play with than the basic TD-3. The basic version gives you access to the 303’s horrible sequencer. That is essential if you really want to get into the zen of 303. If you want a broader palette, then the MO offers that.

Perhaps a rompler like the MC-101 is a better idea?

If you will have a A4 use the A4.
The sequencer of the TB303 is a pain to program.

303 sound can be made on the A4, and if you want to use 2 303 at the same time it’s possible :slight_smile:

I’d recommend TB-03 for the MIDI CC’s

The TD-3 sounds nicer though IMO.

I sold my MO as I preferred the stock 303 sound

If you’re sequencing from the Elektrons then the MB-33 Retro is very nice. I’ve heard they’re selling them again.

I really like the new T-8, sounds better than the TB-03 somehow, but wouldn’t recommend it for live shows. Too fiddly.


This thing looks amazing, though:

Care to explain your work for us mortals?

…given the fact that u got all three digi formats plus the a4 and ur sidenote that truu 303 flavour is no must, i hardly recommend, u try to generate all kinds of 303ish lines within the swedish way u already got in use…

follow some of the examples here how to get there, realize there’s no big rocket science behind a 303 sound and be happy to get it done without involving another piece of gear on top of all that…

if u still or anyway want THE real 303 flavour, the cheapest and most of all truu 303 sound comes with this mam mb33 tip u also already found here…
it does not talk any cc, has no internal sequencer BUT ALL THE REST that takes it to eye to eye and ear to ear level with the original for real like nothing else out there…

Besides that I agree with: “If you dont explicitly need the 303, do it with what you have”, the MB33 is an awesome little box!

The TD3 is easily one of the best value for money synths currently available, if you’re into 303’s.

I have owned the Roland TB-03 and the Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT-303 and have a TD-3 now. You pick it up for less than 100 € used and it sounds great. Run it through the input of one of your Elektrons and process it with the onboard FX. The distortion on the TD-3 is crap IMO, but it will sound lovely through a decent distortion pedal or through the Analog Heat.

The Syntakt is made to be paired with a 303 (even has DIN sync for the original TB 303 or the modern replica RE-303).




You sure?

Edit: you’re right, never knew that

FWIW: A4 going far beyond what the 303 can do: