303 Clone: Given the choice, would u choose Xoxbox or TT-303?


I am still thinking about this … :slight_smile:
damn the original sound so good …


TT303 for me.


I have the x0xlarge mcu in my x0xb0x, it allows it to be programmed exactly like the 303 but with some extra performance stuff as well. My x0xb0x has a lot of original 303 components in it, the same type of capacitors, a ba662 and the correct transistors, it also has a few mods like the extended envelope mod range and decay, and I also have a mod which allows the resonance level to be changed, it actually sounds β€œbetter” than my 303s.

The TT-303mkII has VCO out and filter in, which allows for some interesting stuff to be done, like sending the VCO out into your modular for waveshaping or whatever then back in to the filter etc. A lot of interesting possibilities there.


I got my hands on a x0xb0x today :sunglasses:
I am so happy that I am using emojis lol :crazy_face::upside_down_face:
or maybe it’s the edible hhh


One really cool feature of the TB-03 which sets it apart from most other 303 clones is the ability to enter notes into the sequencer via midi, even whilst it is running.