303 Clone: Given the choice, would u choose Xoxbox or TT-303?


I am still thinking about this … :slight_smile:
damn the original sound so good …


TT303 for me.


I have the x0xlarge mcu in my x0xb0x, it allows it to be programmed exactly like the 303 but with some extra performance stuff as well. My x0xb0x has a lot of original 303 components in it, the same type of capacitors, a ba662 and the correct transistors, it also has a few mods like the extended envelope mod range and decay, and I also have a mod which allows the resonance level to be changed, it actually sounds “better” than my 303s.

The TT-303mkII has VCO out and filter in, which allows for some interesting stuff to be done, like sending the VCO out into your modular for waveshaping or whatever then back in to the filter etc. A lot of interesting possibilities there.


I got my hands on a x0xb0x today :sunglasses:
I am so happy that I am using emojis lol :crazy_face::upside_down_face:
or maybe it’s the edible hhh


One really cool feature of the TB-03 which sets it apart from most other 303 clones is the ability to enter notes into the sequencer via midi, even whilst it is running.


Hi friends,

I’d like to add an acid sounds from 303 to my set. I like too much my A4, and I get good acid sounds from it, but I miss the typical slide sound from 303.

I search differents options and finally I find 3 options: x0xbox, cyclone bass bot, and acidlab bassline3.

I love the sounds from x0xbox, however, I guess it’s complicated find a good builder, cause I don’t know nothing of electronic build diy.
Cyclone the sound it’s less punchy, but at less it isn’t a kit, and you can buy easy from cyclone site. It’s little and light.
Acidbass3, not bad sound, good construction handmade, and you can buy from acidlab site. However it seems a little community around, i don’f find too much information about it.

I think ALB3 is the easy and good option, but the lack of information or users around, make me don’t trust too much.

What do you think? Have you tried anyone?



I replaced a real 303 with Phoscyon many many years ago. I control it with a little Akai LPD8 controller for the knobs.

Had an Acidlab Bassline too, the original one, it sounded ok but didn’t sound much like a 303 and got shut of because programming it with a knob was a pain in the arse.

Still get the odd temptation to try and find another mint condition 303 , then reality hits that they’re very old and the not so nice memories of having to replace all the ageing transistors in my old 909 come back to haunt me.


Avalon in my opinion is the best. However its hard to get your hands on them now.


Yesterday I’ve seen a post on mutable instruments forum where everyone was praising MAM MB33 as an 303clone. It’s rather cheap as well.


I’ve just ordered one o these RE-303s. they sound mint.
Builder’s communication is excellent. I haven’t paid for it yet but he just sent me photos yesterday upon build completion.

that’s my one there in the photo :point_up_2:


Roland TB-03 is probably best bang for buck, lots of “big names” are using them even though apparently they are not good enough for some internet “experts” :joy:

TT-303 is great too, x0xb0x avoid unless you can hear before buying, MB-33 is also good but you need a midi sequencer that can send overlapping notes (some can’t)


I can vouch for the tb-03 ( I have 2 of them :sunglasses:). But don’t count on its onboard effects, which are IMO pretty terrible. A nice distortion pedal like the Rat destroys every purist’s notion of the true acid sound it produces


For the moment I’d like to get an analog clone, then I’ll discard aira stuff.
Would be great to get Re-303 or avalon, but the price is high, and seems complicated to buy anyway.

I like MAM33, but without internal secuencer, I guess it would complicated slide the notes.


i never owned a real 303 but to my ears Abl3 does the job very well. authentic acid vibes. nice sequencer options

edit: i may prefer some acid sounds i get from the A4 over the real thing (or at least its copies)


Yes, me too, but i can’t get the typical 303 sound of slide notes, and I miss that.


Theyre pretty much all your options.

With the MB33 just check the manual. its most likely overlap notes for slides. full velocity for accent etc. Simple.

Theres about a 2 week wait for a RE303 in general. done.

Imo the tb03 sounds synthetic and soulless. Wouldnt be so noticeable in a mix, and i seem to be in the minority with that view. Though it does have that trigger in which is pretty cool.

Also, check out the acid sounds @Ess pulls out of single cycle waveforms / digitone, and probably most other boxes he gets his mitts on.
There’s a lot to be said for getting the most out of what you have too.


Elektron should totally do a Model:Acid given @Ess love for TB-303/MC-202 and his understanding of all things acid. :nerd_face:




I recommend to anyone who isn’t after 100% original 303 sound but rather after a good sounding, well (UI) designed analog mono synth very capable of acid sounds to check out the Novation Circuit Mono Station. I love it (and it’s got way more than basses up its sleeve).



Ha, I don’t think it’d need a hard sell in the boardroom - Cenk, Daniel, Jimmy, Andreas and others would likely be up for it :rofl: