303 Clone: Given the choice, would u choose Xoxbox or TT-303?


You can’t improve on imperfection :wink:


However they managed to… they really did

You can pry my Avalon from my cold dead hands


I have not had the pleasure of trying one, but I was kind of being tongue in cheek anyway :wink:


If you really need a 303 type hard synth but dont want a roland boutique,have a look at Cyclone bass bot TT 03


the acidlab bassline 3 is a well built clone- i have one unit to sell here


I’m far from an expert, but I did see this the other day


Thank you all for your responses!
I never actually owned the original so I am not really after a perfect replica or clone of the machine itself but I do want the closest to the original sound … the story behind all this is I was listening to the craziest and probably weirdest acid sets on new year’s eve which left me with mixed feelings but also the idea of making some acid techno … I completely forgot about all this until I bought a machinedrum last weekend (probably best thing I bought … still need to spend some time with it) and it just need some bass!

Having said all that and after a bit of googling apparently someone was on the same quest and have done some extensive work ==> https://www.acidvoice.com/index.htm


might get back to you … a bit broke right now :slight_smile:


I like how alien this one looks :alien:


As you can see there is plenty of options, it is just a question of your budget, and why only go for one?
I have the re 303 and the tb 03, used to have the tb 303,the tt 303 and tb 3 wanting the mb33.

They all add their own thing to the acid sound, that said my current acid setup is a re 303 controlled by a SE engine sequencer Phat n funky but a tb 03 can go a looooong way on that and its cheap and easy to program…


The boss


What do you dislike about the Avalon sequencer? Care to elaborate?


I had an Avalon for a brief time and afaik they have not updated it’s sequencer to include tap-write mode.

For example, watch Tin Man here program some notes and slides into the 303 and then tap the pattern’s timing out —

(apologies if you are totally familiar with the fun, acidic benefits of tap-write)


I would go for the TB-03 myself since it offers both the same workflow as the original with an improved sequencer on top as well as nice overdrive and delay effects, saving you a few guitar pedals. :wink:


As far as I’ve managed to hear, Roland has successfully implemented this behaviour as part of their TB-303 model that’s running the TB-3 as well as the TB-03.

It’s likely that this behaviour is slightly different between different TB-303 models because of differences in component tolerance, condition, and age and that it was stronger in the specific TB-303 unit you used to compare with a TB-03.


TB-3 and TB-03 produce different results, TB-03 being more faithful.

from http://www.firstpr.com.au/rwi/dfish/303-unique.html

The real fun happens when you have multiple accented notes in quick succession. Since the capacitor has not discharged fully from the one before, the second and subsequent response curves go higher

And midi automation you don’t get from TT-303 nor x0xbox !


You can do this with the Avalon arpeggiator and live record mode


So the original 303 sequencer is a bit strange in how it uses separate ‘lists’ of pitches vs. trigs.
If I for instance enter the pitches C, D, E, F, G, A and enter trigs on step 1, 3, 5, 6, the pitches played back are simply whichever pitch next in the list, not the first, third pitch etc. Step x itself is not tied to a pitch, it simply plays back whatever is next in the list of pitches.

The Avalon however ties each pitch to a certain step.

What bothers me about this is that I love to enter pitches and then mess around with different patterns of triggering them, but on the Avalon this is much more static.


^This is exactly why the 303 sequencer is so unique, the ability to enter pitches, octave, accent, timing, slides and rests, separately coupled with the ease of changing quickly one or more aspects, and the possibilities of semi random entry… bow chikka wow wow :rofl:


:thinking: is that really the same thing ? Sounds cool though.