<3 OB-6 love

A little warmth using only the OB-6…


Ah man, thought I had my ‘oberheim sound’ gas under control but guess not. Beautiful noise.

Is this OB6 straight to Daw/digital recorder with no processing?

I’ll be honest with you. I am not a keyboard player… bought it, sent it back thinking I couldn’t justify it.

1 week later…

I bought it again. It’s just that good.
You can get lost for hours…


Sounds incredible. Oberheim is by far my favorite synth sound. Sods law it’s the most expensive/unduplicated (behringer please…), doubt I’ll ever own one :frowning:

Yes straight into Ableton.
3 very simple midi clips that play while I record the audio and play with the knobs…

I have used an EQ on the master to cut bass under 38Hz and also Ableton’s limiter to add a little juice on the input by a couple of dB just to get it a bit louder.

But no effects… you dont need any with this thing… the filters hit a sweet spot that I cant describe…


Got me thinking (again…) about selling a bunch of gear to try to fund grabbing one early next year…

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you will not regret it… it fills a gap in sound you never knew you had


Aaahhh! Why you posted It !
I’m just totally GASED!
Time to save money :D:D:D

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beautiful work. wonderful to listen to on this grey cold saturday morning as i warm up my own music machines. inspirational.

alas, as close as i can get is the free OBXd. still a great softsynth if you really dig in and play with it.


Thank you guys!..

@Bwax that is exactly what inspired me… the crisp cloudy Saturday morning!.. glad you liked it :smiley:

I love my OB6 too. Selling my keyboard to get the rack though.


Oops, didn’t realize this was a “our music” thread. Hope you don’t mind me sharing that little Instagram clip.

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Nah, @Prints, you’re sharing love as well :smile:

I wish I had such money to spend…

@Prints Ofc dont mind - great sound!
Btw, sold mine thinking to replace with desktop… instant regret. The Fatar keybed and aftertouch is sooo damn good.


Yeah, you’re right. The keyboard isn’t much bigger than the rack either. I’d really like to use it live though, and every inch of space helps. I’m not the greatest keyboard player either; just need to program chords into my sequencer.

I just received the desktop module. Only a few hours with it so far. Couple of observations; its sounds amazing and compliments the A4 brilliantly. The rich OB sounds sit really well with the A4. Its so easy to tweak to get exactly the sound you’re looking for yet, at the same time its easy to get original sounds (as the track by the OP in this thread more than adequately demonstrates). I am using a fairly poor minikey midi keyboard without aftertouch. That simply isn’t good enough. This thing needs a good controller with good controller performance options. Im on the lookout i have very limited desk space so its not too easy to find the right thing. Bottom line is that the OB-6, for me, is simply stunning.

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I’m very interested in your observations… I’m in doubt of choosing desktop module or keyboard one on OB-6.
I tried the OB-6 keyboard and it’s very good and not so big but…
desktop module is more “portable” and I have a VIRUS TI2 keyboard (which has aftertouch and the keyboard is very good) and the desktop sits exactly in the empty space of the keyboard…
It’s hard to choose…

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I would probably go with the OB-6 module sitting on the virus - sounds ideal and I’m sure the virus keyboard will be fine