2nd digitakt sounds weird


I bought a second digitakt (for dj-ing with 2 digitakts)
unfortunately, my second digitakt sounds like there is a huge bitcrusher on the master.
even when only prelistening the samples, it sounds bad
with both my own samples, and with the factory content.

Checked all cables, mixer channels, etc.
still sounding bad
test mode - no errors
empty reset
factory reset

all no result :frowning:

anyone a suggestion?


Are they using the same firmware version?


Have you tried swapping their power supplies? … just to rule it out.


done… no result


same firmware, just updated os

no result


There’s a topic about that on Elektronauts. I had a similar issue, and had no other choice than sending it to repair. :+1:




Shhh, keep quiet, or everyone will want one.

“Bitcrush mod” Digitakts will soon be picked up by Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, and trade on eBay for $5k.

But seriously dude, just take it straight back to the retailer - it’s obviously faulty. Done.