~ $2500 to spend - What synth(s)?

You might want to check out the Modor NF-1. It’s kind of an overlooked gem from a tiny company that does digital but in an idiosyncratic way. It has 4 loopable envs that are a little more complex than ADSRs, dual filters, lots of knobs dedicated to mod amounts for making the most important tweaks, plus a 7 slot general purpose mod matrix. The mod amounts of all 7 matrix slots can be controlled via MIDI cc :smiley: .

I’m 100% in the box for drums, and honestly don’t see that changing. I think that ship has sailed.

I’m pretty much after the best poly synth(s) for my kind of music, under $2500.

Lots of endorsements for the Virus, which I am not surprised by!

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Out of curiosity, what kind of you music do you produce?

I’m a little all over the map to be honest. I like weird electronic stuff with interesting rhythms and textures, covering the whole range from sleepy ambient to insane beats. I mostly play a modular synth and a drum machine; the OB-6 is my most recent pickup (got it 4 or 5 months ago) so I’d say I’m still learning my way around it and how to incorporate it, but I already love the sound/feel/everything about it.

This thread is all over the map… Many different sound profiles and ways of working. I think you need to ask yourself why you want a OTB synth. Is there a sound you want to get more easily? It is it interface and experience? That will help narrow it down. But if you know you want a Virus and want it to be your everything synth, then maybe that’s what you should get.

For me, the whole point of hardware is interface and the idea of a coherent instrument. I figure I can get perfectly good sounds ITB but it is a hell of a lot less fun for me. I am currently in a honeymoon with an UDO Super 6 desktop, but I will be the first to admit it’s not for everybody.

If you’re not completely thinking of going OTB, buying something all digital seems pointless to me. Especially the Virus which has the exact same sound as the emulator version. Go analog or at least hybrid.

If you’re looking to multi-track with one synth to rule them all, the Access fans are probably pointing you in the right direction. If you’re looking to jam or perform, your other options are going to give you much more to work with.

Sequencing live the Minilogue XD + Opsix + Hydrasynth along with your existing Moog could be awesome, if that’s something that appeals to you. Otherwise, just one powerful module (be it the Virus, a Peak, or a Hydrasynth desktop) would have you more than covered for recording.

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Join the #NGNY2022 club and keep your :dollar: for a year. If you don’t know exactly what to pick, you don’t need it really.

Don’t overlook a solid pair of monitors, that’s money well spent. Or a good mix table. Anything that makes your current gear shine more ^^


Agree with all of this. Since getting my Sub 37, I am now obsessed with the idea of being able to physically interact with hardware, as opposed to being ITB. It’s just a much more fun and satisfying experience, and I think I can be more creative and efficient this way as well. Additionally, my Sub 37 has the ability to create sounds that my vst’s really can’t. That’s huge for me as well.

I guess, for this new hypothetical synth(s) I am looking for the same thing, but I want a poly to widen the sonic range I can get out of my set up.

Again, I produce music that straddles the line between new-school trance and progressive house. In addition to the above, I’m looking for a synth, or synths, that are capable in those genres. I know that a lot of that will come down to me though.

I think I’m leaning towards a Peak right now. Maybe down the line, an Opsix or Minilogue to round things out.

I appreciate all the input!

This thread hasnt helped one bit though has it?:joy:

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Just pick one dammit

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When there’s only forty-odd replies? Have to get to a couple of hundred at least.


Idk, I think part of me was hoping that more people would have liked “Option 3” and I could have justified getting 3 new synths!

The rational side of me knows that’s not the best option though.

you could always grab a Waldorf M… getting one totally cured my synth gas. Now I can fully focus on buying samplers :stuck_out_tongue:


Availibility is something I didn’t see for several months, though. Was there even a second batch?

I would suggest an Sequential Prophet 5/4 but I just did :slight_smile:

ob6 100%

This past week has been quite the saga for me.

I ended up getting a Peak. Just came today, so haven’t been able to actually do anything with it yet.

I also dug up my massive (now apparently very valuable) VHS collection from storage, and have been selling it off on eBay.

I have almost enough to get the OB-6, which I plan to buy.

In a perfect world, it would have made sense for me to really get to know the Peak before investing in another synth, but I just don’t have the discipline.

I really do appreciate the replies / feedback though, guys!


Get an OB6 and just love it forever.