2022 Mix Up Vol. xx

Heyo!.. Hopefully I’m posting this in the right subforum (advance apologies if I nOoBishly didn’t)… just finished a techno mix I hope some of ya’ll might appreciate. Been working on putting a proper mix together for some time and finally got around to it. Can thank the '96 Fumiya Tanaka Mix-Up Vol. 4 for inspiring me to finish haha

All spun on time code vinyl, the vibe is 3 am type of intense…

…if anyone in NYC needs a techno DJ… i mean… im around…


followin up here with another techno set!

Couple of mess ups, but was inspired by seeing legowelt and umfang this past weekend…

Oh love the Mix Up reference - i had Mix Up Vol 1 CD by Takkyu Ishino back in the day! Was so cool.

Will check these out :smiley:

First one already sounds dope

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I hope you enjoy them :slight_smile: !! Hope to have a few more to post soon

if you haven’t already, I highly recommend the Fumiya/Mills mix-ups, those are so so good.

might as well also use this thread to post some stuff I make and upload :nerd_face:

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pleased to announce a new set (all vinyl) and coincidentally it happens to be 909 day. Next one will likely be very dark…

the 4th is live!!

heavy heavy :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: