2022 Gear: Hits and Misses

Prophet 5 Rev 4
Moog Grandmother
Intellijel Bifold
Analog 4 mk2 Grey (to replace a mk1 - far prefer the larger form factor and screen)

Pro 2 (sounds great but I just don’t enjoy programming it)

Hit: NI Komplete and Komplete Kontrol.

That’s all I’ve bought this year, which is pretty insane really. :slight_smile:


OTO Boum
Schlappi Angle Grinder
Torso T-1



I‘m ging to buy a Digitakt this year and I‘m sure it‘ll be a big hit!


i don’t buy misses, so hits:

  • IK Multimedia iLoud MTM
    finally, proper monitors.
    i love them. surprisingly good sounding for the size (confirmed by my mates who are used to work with higher tier monitors), compact & super slick, come with calibration microphone & software for using in poorly treated rooms (like mine) – and that DSP thing works well.
    also, i caught my pair before the price went up.

  • Syntakt
    finally, Elektron made a machine for me. great compact groovebox for techno / EBM / industrial stuff. excellent for jamming / gigs.
    i was about to buy A4 mk1 / AR mk1 at some points in the past, but didn’t because they were too big for my taste. Syntakt solved this – i’m fine with dumbed down versions of A4/AR, and when i need full-blown synth engines, i can just pair Syntakt with something like DSI Tetra and/or TR-6s.

  • MFB-503Jomox MBase 11
    i always used to use grooveboxes for drum machine duties, but gradually concluded that proper kick must be analog (and samples just don’t nail it, at least without quite a few of extra work.
    so bought these two, mainly for analog kick duties – but MFB-503 is a thing by its own.
    fun fact: i mailnly use Syntakt with MBase 11, keeping extra analog track for dual VCO machine.

  • Roland TR-6s
    that’s a beast! a lot of drums & more, especially for its size.
    using it either as a drum machine and as extension module for e-drums.

  • spare DSI TetraYamaha FB-01Electribe EA-1 mk2
    wanted these for a while, and got them when had some spare money.
    spare Tetra is especially cool, they are not easy to find for right price.

  • IK Multimedia Uno Pro [desktop]
    on the way to me, will write an update later.


Origin Effects, BassRig SuperVintage!

Beyerdynamic, DT900proX
(compared to the old trusty DT990pro)

What year did you go in the waiting list for the Cirklon 2(im jealous)?:slightly_smiling_face:


Strap in folks, 'cos I’ve been a busy boy this year…


  • Syntakt
    Really strong bit of gear. Only sold it because I had to try Perkons and needed the money.

  • OT MK2
    My second OT, just clicked this time.

  • Sherman Filterbank
    Mental in all my favourite ways.

  • Boss BX800
    8 channels of EQ and distortion for £50, what’s not to like?

  • Polivoks Pro
    It’s broken most of the time, but that’s why I love it.

  • Digitone
    If you haven’t got one, you should buy one.

  • Perkons
    The drum machine I always dreamed of.


  • DSI Evolver
    Sounds great, couldn’t get on with the interface.

  • A4 MK1
    Great synth, didn’tike the screen. I’ll probably buy a MK2 one day.

  • Analog Heat
    I’m not going to criticise it, it’s great, but every time I own one I get really lazy and start hating my mixes.

  • Analog Rytm MK2
    Didn’t get on with the sound of it. Too complex for my needs.

  • Model:Samples
    Too limited, screen made it hard to find samples if not named carefully.

  • Erica Pico System III
    Tiny knobs can fuck off. Sounded good though.


Completely forgot about the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros that I basically mugged off of @craig. Lovely set of headphones, massive hit.


Polyend Tracker
Love this thing, just pure fun, inspiration and flow

Novation Circuit Tracks
Perfect introduction to creating electronic music, ended up selling it to get an MC-707 but would recommend it to anyone.

Yamaha Reface CS
Taught me about subtractive synthesis and batteries and speakers make it fun and portable.

Newest addition, super creative and fun sounds superb. Possibly a bit big.

Finally a DAW that feels completely fun and at home

Modal Argon
A really bad choice of first synth. Had no idea how to use it so I was restricted to listening to the presets and going oooh

Heresy I’m sure but I didn’t enjoy using it, couldn’t make anything I liked with it and I found it got unpleasantly hot.

Tried to get into it during the 3 month trial but I hate how it looks and couldn’t make anything I liked with it.



  1. OT Mk2. After wondering such a long time, I decided to get it. Really liking it. Learning curve was not as bad as I was expecting. Using it mainly as a Thru machine for DT and DN, as a mixer and sample mangler.
  2. Digitone. Really like it, I manage to get some nice patches out of it. Love the Arp on it as well as the “simplified” FM architecture. Filter is very welcome as well.
  3. Dust protectors for DT/DN/OT. Good investment though not musical at all.

No other purchase this year. So far so good :slight_smile:


Mid 2017 I believe. Hang in there

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Cheers. Mid 2019 i think🫤

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Aira minis T-8, J-6, E-4 - because they are portable simple, fun and sound great, T-8 in particular is a dream, although I wish all the drums were 606 or 808, not a 909 guy.

Arp2600m - because I never thought I’d own one (a 2600) and it exceeds my expectations

Korg SQ64 - because what is not to love about a CV sequencer which can do slides, trig conditions, etc. Basic but great.

Novation Circuit Rhythm and Tracks - portable and fun, both punch way above their price.

Hacktribe firmware for electribe2



Syntakt - very close to my dream groovebox. can get it to sound just the way i imagine in my head, the only elektron that does this for me. could do with a proper poly machine, I Dont like how chords are implemented. Kb Fold & scales is a thing of beauty.

Wellbutrin - gave me the jitters something fierce. not for me :upside_down_face:


DT(dec '21 :man_shrugging:)

None :slightly_smiling_face:

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good point, i second this.

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Digitakt is my big hit of the year. Even bigger than Syntakt which is wicked strong. Runners up are Minitaur and Division Department 01/IV.

Misses were Soma Rumble of Ancient Times and Twisted Electrons hapiNES L. Both of which are fine and do what they claim just as the manuals describe but I think I’d rather go the software route toward a more chippy sound.


In 2022 I’ve picked up a Syntakt, Analog Keys, SP404 Mk2 and M8 Tracker. Every one of them has had a “one hit wonder” type honeymoon phase, all spent periods on the shelf doing naff all, but each resonated with me differently.

Not made my mind up 100% on things but I have decided I will likely move the Syntakt on. Had great instant fun and productivity. It does sound great there’s just not anything pulling me back to using it. I think I’ve dug it out twice in the last 3 months. Having said that, I think I’m going through another of my “I’m just happier ITB” phases so no doubt a mass cull is on the cards.


All 2022 purchases were hits!

SP-404 MKII - Finally an SP with proper monitoring and metronome features for live instruments. And skip back, where have you been all my life!

JHS Colour Box V2 Preamp Pedal - sounds great and gets nice and fuzzy when cranked.

Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Pedal V2 - Wow! Mesmerizing!

Genelec 8010A pair - Picked up cheap second hand, sound amazing!


Hm not sure I’ve had any real misses. I sort of didn’t get on with Poly Cinematic - limited modular capability and I wasn’t able to get the kind of sounds I wanted from it most of the time. It’s a useful module but for me not the polysynth I need.

Had lots of little hits won’t list em all…

Big hits?

Analog Rytm has to be one - I’ve been really pleasently surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed playing it and the sounds it gives me. I’ve got a MKI and I don’t even mind the pads tbh (I don’t finger drum, just use them for performance functionality).

Oxi One. It rocks.