2020 audio interface to buy maximum 500€

Going to take a look thanks

Behringer is definitely not that!


+1 for the Focusrite Clarett interfaces. The converters are tip top!

What about Sound Devices MixPre Mk1?

Might need to check if drivers are available for that. From what I remember only 32bit OS compatibly.

Actually I was thinking about the USBPre mkI. My mistake.

Sound Devices are extremely good converters, if it fits the budget.

I purchased the Arrow and it is quite nice and sleek, simple. DSP plug-ins are a nice option, bus power is a bonus too. And Apple are now shipping a super fast 2m black TB3 cable which could work well for various studio setups, for a while you could only get shorter cables. I would also recommend the Babyface pro, similar offerings although the Babyface can give you more connectivity options. Sounds like you went the Behringer though. I also quite like the looks of the new Symphony Desktop, Tascam Model 12, and as mentioned the Mix Pre series are a nice multi-use-case option also.

Picked up a cheap Babyface Pro a couple of months ago (local discount, I suppose because the new model had been released). Excellent build quality, stable drivers, terrific sound. Came in less than 500 euros, and a used one should be around that mark too, if not less.

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Many thanks , just checked and you’re right , there are some issues .

Well going to Audient ID22 , not very expensive and seems to sound really good

I’d go rme digiface and start off with a behringer ada8200. You’d be future proof and could expand however needed. If the ada8200 isnt good enough you can save in a while and buy a better expander in the future.

How is the latency, drivers are does it have any onboard dsp?

The latency is great, under 5ms. There is reverb and delay on board, haven’t really used them TBH. They seem serviceable but they’re probably only really there for vocalists to monitor themselves or something.

Been looking at Motu Ultralite. Plenty of mk3 kicking about but the newer mk4 seems to be gone.

MOTU’s manufacturing and sourcing was hit hard by the pandemic, so you’ll have to wait to find a UL MK4, but it is a fantastic interface in a different league than the MK3.

I had an M4 on order for over a month but when the shop said it would be at least another month, I found an M2 at zzounds, instead.
It recently arrived and on first test is quite good and exactly what I expected.
Same driver/latency specs as my UL MK4, but far more simplified, which is just what I wanted for my mobile MBP rig.
$169 is hard to beat at the loop back driver negates my need for the additional channels the M4 would have provided.


Nice, I wondered how good those new ones were. I couldn’t imagine they’d be anything less than great, but that’s pretty impressive. I imagine it has the same amazing MIDI as even the £80 MIDI only interfaces has the same chips they said,

I’m still curious about these SSL ones though.

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I have a MK2, it’s amazing. Quite light, but tough. Sounds miles better than the Apogee Duet, which is what I had before it. Loads of cool perks too, like having the motu powered DSP fx on your computers main outputs.

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I emailed Motu and they said they are waiting for some parts that are out of stock.

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Had a mk3 and it was build like a tank but didn’t really like the software .
Do they have a better UI now ?

Nope. Same one.

edit: thought you meant in general.

UL MK4 software is completely different to UL MK3.
CueMix is gone. It’s all AVB now, browser based. Quick. Reliable. Zoomable.

I still have cuemix for my Traveler MK1 and the last time I had to use it, I was reminded by how far they leaped forward with the AVB mixer.

Hmm very nice thanks !

Well I still have a Soundcraft MTK multitrack that I much love , good converters etc but the way I work is I Rec everything live with eq cuts, delay fx , etc and MTK recs per channel only post fader that’s why I’m making the change for a regular analog mixer + a audio interface.

Buyed allready a Audient ID22 and going to add a ADA800 for now to get more channel ins

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