2 A4 How to transfer clone every thing to 2nd A4

I have just bought a second A4 Mk1 and I want to copy/ clone everything from the older A4 to the new A4 Mk1.

Could someone tell me how I can do this?


SysEx Dump All?

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The way i did it, was to save each project, along with the kit or kits (All sounds are supposed to be contained within a project when saving, but it does not seem to work for sounds that are not stored in a kit).
Then SysEx dump them to C6 (dump whole project or whatever it’s called). Each file should be around 2.2 mb.
Then import “whole project” on the second A4 with C6 and save as project.

Also, see this post:

It’s tedious, but it works, and it’s nice to have a backup of each project on pc.
I store the backups on Dropbox. In case I’m touring and my A4 stops working, I can theoretically borrow another A4 and keep going. Luckily this hasn’t happened yet

you can also transfer (Tx/Rx) lots of stuff directly by Turbo MIDI when both are hooked in>out - cut out the middle man so to speak - handy

still good to back up stuff externally anyway, so it may be easier and quicker to use USB and a computer

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I cant see how to import “whole project” on the second A4 with C6 and save as project.

I have saved all sounds, all songs, all global, etc

I save my compositions as projects so the only thing I am not seeing transferred across are my projects.

The top level you can import or export from A4 is a project. So you can only import or export projects. I don’t remember what it’s called specifically in A4 to import a project it might just be called “import everything” Someone else? (my gear is packed away right now). Anyway, press whatever the top level import is called and then press send on C6, that should send it over. Then save the project on the A4.

To save an exported file in C6 just right click and choose save as…
To import a saved file just drag and drop into C6

Hopes this helps.

Thanks for everyones help however Im still stuck with the importing Projects. I have copied banks, patterns etc but just not Programs. Sent and Received via C6 and also direct from one A4 to another via midi out to in but still no projects are showing up in Load Projects

When you upload to the A4 the current project is replaced by the uploaded one. So you have to save it as a new project for it to show up on your project list. Ie. It is not automatically saved as a project it only replaces the current project. So you have to upload 1 project at a time and save it.

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