19" rack cases for 2 analog mk2's?

today I received an email about the new MK2 Rack mount kit
51 euro is a heavy price
but if I can have 2 mk2’s on top of each other in one box…
I will be very happy.

but what is a good 19" rack case?

will this fit?

10U won’t be enough for 2 x MK2 Analog machines I think.
I think you could barely squeeze them into this one:

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that’s big

maybe i can make one myself using 2 of these

It carries a lot of stuff underneath, though. Is your desire to just mount in studio? Or to take on the road?
If it’s just to put on a desk, this baby can hold 2 x MK2 and you can tilt it the opposite direction for a more gentle angle.


on the road
small and light
with extra rain cover

this one says 2u
elektron says 5u
i think it doesn’t fit, or?

Those little 2U things are not enough…you would need a couple of them. You don’t need all that extra metal. If you want to build your own case, you just need the long rails.


The MK2s require 5U to mount WITHOUT any cables. You need at least 1U of space above each unit to mount it and have the cables plugged in. 5+1 + 5+1 = 12

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Rails is a good idea! Tnx

This is what I do now
The cables of the Rytm
Are under the four


Nice picture.

How are they underneath? I’d love to see how you have that setup

The mk2’s I/O are on a kind of drop down part of the rear, with a measure above that’s the same size as front end.

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Almost as if they designed it to work that way… I’ll have to check that out. Your setup looks great.

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Hey. Not my setup there. Also, I’m not sure if you’d need right angle connections?

A book and some wood

For me this doesn’t work by the way
I got overloaded with 2 elektrons like this, and prefer to have them side by side,
Or play one with the heat