12 Electronic Artists - Streaming Live - Resonant Frequencies

Update May 1st: See post #3 for this month’s event

I help run a monthly electronic music open mic in Oakland, California, called Resonant Frequencies. This month, we’re going on-line!

This is a very ambitious event with 9 live musicians each doing a 15 ~ 20 min. set, and 3 live visualists, all streaming from their homes to a server, mixed, and then streamed out live via YouTube.

Tonight: April 5th, 6pm PDT / 0100 UTC April 6th

Link to show videos: https://resfreq.live/026

I have a whole technical doc on how I set this up - not for the faint of heart - a bit of a mess now, but will update after the show is done.

… hope to see you on-line.


I can’t get the page to load!!

Edit: nevermind. It’s good now. I’m just really early

A whole month later… we’re doing it again:

May 3rd
6pm PDT
https://resfreq.live/027 ← YouTube link where you can set a reminder now

Musicians and set line up:

  1. Density & Time —— https://www.instagram.com/d3n5ity/
  2. Need For Storms —— https://needforstorms.bandcamp.com/
  3. VIR —— https://www.instagram.com/who__is__vir/
  4. electric.kitchen —— https://electric.kitchen
  5. All That’s Gone —— https://soundcloud.com/allthatsgone
  6. Actias —— https://aaactias.bandcamp.com
  7. Dylan909 —— https://soundcloud.com/dylan909
  8. k’in sventa / melanie dj —— https://77riserecordings.bandcamp.com/album/kin-sventa-bucles
  9. Fetz —— http://www.fetzcreats.art

Visualists, rotating among the sets:

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