1010music Blackbox


I just bought a dingus from Thomann. Each time I’ve bought from them, they’ve taken a few days to ship. They keep you updated with emails, “order placed,” “team is processing,” etc. I find them reliable, but there is a delay compared to others. My guess is that international shipments get a longer anti-fraud process. I got my Blackbox from Perfect Circuit, but they were out of stock on this latest item, so I ended up with Thomann as a third choice.


Yep, Thomann has always been great, but they are slow. For a reason, I suppose. But their general customer service is nothing but top notch, for sure.


That could be it, for sure. They’re very reliable.


Last thursday was a German holliday apparently so there was a little delay in orders.


Junorecords UK shipping since yesterday.Lat time i looked 30 minutes ago they had 2 left out of 10.

edit-still 2 left next day arrive at your door.


Ordered yesterday, arrived today.

Impressed with how extremely slim, compact yet solid it is; plus the screen is very easy & responsive to use. works hosting roli lightpad block m, though might need to explore using BLOCKS CODE to rig up a control block for switching up the midi octave of the pads between drum and keyboard ranges (be nice if the displayed keyboard on the bb auto mapped with whatever the midi keypad was sending in as its low note so you could transpose on the bb). Though the screen is pretty satisfying to use without needing a midi controller tbh

Immediately interested in internal resampling capabilities (or freeze a sequence to a new wav and load as a loop) which will open up its capabilities a lot. I wonder can I just use a cable from one of the outs to the in for resampling…

A bit of a luxury item no doubt, but a unique and well designed item so far. Most interested in its potential as an arranger/composing/multi track recorder tool with other boxes…

Lots of good enhancement suggestions in the 1010 forum, which seem to be getting a positive response from the 1010 devs for possible future release.

Works just as fast with my 256GB SD card full of samples as the 8GB SD that comes with the unit - which is great fun to browse without a PC


I missed the delivery man :sob:
I have to wait until tomorrow to try it !


@blipson was right, this thing is perfect to hold in your hands and use your thumbs to compose, tweak, and play. Here’s some hip-hop.



Got mine today. First impressions is the impressive build quality, feels sturdy and rugged. Interface is quick and smooth, tho a bit fiddly in the sequencer view. It sounds great, has a really pro vibe over it. It doesn’t do all that much compared to other samplers in the price range, but those features that are in there, feel very competitive.

Out goes the MPC Live. This is all I need to get shit done with my samples.


Sooo, anyone found a case for it ?
I guess with the dimensions of the blackbox you could easily 3D print a decksaver like ?


This is a dope beat man! Great to see that it’s possible to finger drum nicely on the screen.


I got the one that was linked in this thread over on the 1010 forums. I’d feel better with this instead of a decksaver because honestly it’s a little small for a decksaver to be practical, and with this I won’t lose track of the MIDI adapters and I can pack everything up that I need if I want to take it somewhere.

not my photo

@Dr.K Thanks! Yep, the screen response is fast so it’s real easy.


Thanks, couldn’t find it on amazon France but I got a similar one I’ll get back to you on how it fits ! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll stop posting these if I’m being annoying or shameless. But here’s some of the on-screen keyboard playing. The view I’m using is on a standard C to C octave, but you can shift the view key by key which is a really great feature for getting the ideal range of keys on screen.


Pretty damn portable.


Song mode in this one is pretty awesome. To mix, match and live record different clips in all kinds of combinations while live recording is so much fun, I’m just not gonna feed the kids tonight.


By the way, has there been any talk of expanding the MIDI capabilities of the blackbox? I’d love to see more things controllable, via let’s say CC messages.

Still kind of trying to figure out how well it would fare as an externally sequenced long sample launcher.


They said they want to add more modulation sources, but haven’t directly said whether that means midi CC or if they’ll allow CC control of other functions.

I’ve noticed they’re very careful not to promise any upcoming features, so we likely won’t know for sure what’s coming until it comes. They say they have a very big list of user requests but we don’t know how they’re prioritized.


Okay. Good to know :slight_smile: thanks man!


I noticed that too. I follow the 1010music Blackbox forum-topics, but the developer(s) does not make any promises. I think it is a very small company(Aaron & Cristine?), with few development resources, that worries me a bit.