1010music Blackbox

I run this version. but how to save it? I guess I missed something… I will check it out.

See their support forum.

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By the way, has someone tried running this with OP-Z over USB MIDI? Initially, couldn’t get it to work (opz using DIN MIDI w/ adapter works)

1.1.1 update has added internal resampling :astonished:

  • Internal resampling. This can also be used to generate a WAV file of your entire mix. Look for the Resam input selection on the Sample Recording screen
  • Moved the Enter button of the text editing screen to keep it far away from the backspace key
  • Improved the responsiveness of clips to changing tempo, both internal and externally synced changes
  • Fixed bug relating to initial volume of samples from velocity

Edit: I tried it out by sampling a sequenced beat, slicing and re-pitching that, then resampling that with more kick + snare on top. Here’s a run-through of the results:


Dear lord. Internal resampling. This box is now complete.


Indeed! Amazing updates in such a short time! And this is just the start…

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In the top three for ‘new music tech of the year’ for me.

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Reply to myself: blackbox, OPZ and a RK005 - very fun.

How does the RK work between the two?

Plugged my op-1 direct into the bb today via usb and works nicely. Need to spend more time with it but will try the op-z tomorrow.

Using the bb moreso as a clip recorder and mini ableton arranger

You just need to plug one rk usb into the blackbox device socket and the other to the opz uaing thw cable that came with the OPZ. At least for me, didn’t work without the RK.

Got mine today finally!! Have some initial thoughts, they’re mostly great, but question-

Does anyone else struggle to get the USB plug in the back? It’s such a tight fit I have to really push for the USB cable to plug in. I used the one it came with and a couple others. I’m afraid I’m gonna break the thing!

Yeah, thst’s annoying. Mine has loosened up a bit.

hi there, sorry about the stupid question right away.

got mine yesterday, how do you power it off properly ? cant seem to find that in the manual…I am sober I think…

Currently you have to pull the plug or buy a switchable USB cable.

There were suggestions made for a menu activated sleep mode.

I do not, but I have this problem with the memory card slot.

What problem do you mean?

Slot’s not taking the card properly. Some wiggling always required.

I just had one reboot in the middle of a jam session. A lot of work since the last save was lost. Maybe autosave would be great.

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Yeah, mine does that when I’m pushing it and the battery’s at the lower end.

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Yeah, that’s annoying, but I’ve thought it was me being clumsy with the card slot. Do you think it’s the slot itself?

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