100% Wet effects


My first Elektron box was the DT, now my favorite instrument. With all the talk of steep learning curve for elektron stuff, i found it super intuitive to use.
One thing i havent been able to figure out or find a workaround for:
Is there a way to have 100% wet effects? i.e. set dry volume of a track to 0, after its send to the global effects?
Im a huge fan of 100% wet reverb.
I thought playing with the track volume and amp page volume was the key, but no, these two parameters actually seem completely redundant.
Anyone find some workaround that I haven’t thought of??


Overbridge , you can route each track and global fx separately.
Otherwise I’m not sure you can.


Thanks! Yeah, that was what I was expecting to hear… would be great to be able to do it in the box… put it on the “feature request” board, but it has 2000+ requests already. Highly doubtful this would rank high priority for most users…


Try settings…
Audio Routing…
Pads 1 to 8 will be green…
Press a pad (that you want to have 100% wet)…
It should go red, meaning you are not sending to the main out but still to the effects.

Im not sure that it saves this setting in the patch however…?


You can do it in the box, the way @Adam9 explains it
Pretty fun to toggle around, or have a track set to chromatic mode and then switch to this page for a different kind of play surface.


Audio Routing is on the Digitone after 1.20 firmware update, but I can’t see it on Digitakt (the subject at the top of this thread) - please explain?


Thanks Adam9 & Aksdnt, I tried this out on my digitone (1.2) and it does indeed work! It is not ideal, as it then is global for all banks/patterns in the project, but does the trick on the DN nevertheless.
As marley909 pointed , couldnt find the Audio Routing menu for the digitakt…


do You have the beta software for overbridge Installed?


Yeah I thought this was pretty strange there’s no dry wet mix.


If you use the latest OS on your Digitakt, you‘ll find it under Settings/ Auto Routing.