100 % Analog Rytm


This thread inspired me to make something - this is 100% Analog Rytm. the Dual VCO is fun. All came together pretty quickly

Sorry to spam the forum :worried:

Who else does NOT like the MPC Live?

Very nice sounding jam


That is some serious kick action right there. Care to share how you achieved that sound?
I liked the track btw <3


Thank you!

All the sounds are from the Rytm and recorded into Ableton through UAD’s console. I use a few plug-ins to record everything.

In Ableton, I use their compressor, filter and EQ.

I use some Soundtoys stuff for more delay and stereo widening.

Seems like a lot but it all comes together pretty quickly. This is the 1st track I did with that workflow. I’m into it. The UAD stuff is pretty special.

Thanks again!!!


Sounds really good man. I was wondering which machine was used to create the kick. Sounds like BD Sharp to me, but I know that type of sound can also be approximated with the hard and classic machines.
Also, mk1 or mk2?


Mk1 - I’m not 100% on which machine. But which ever it is, is heavily effected

I’m feeling the claps, toms (bass), and Dual VCO. The Dual VCO is powerful


effected with good taste then, thanks for sharing
I havent jumped on the DVCO bandwagon as I need OB to record, but that bass from hell in your track is awesome, cant wait for the official firmware release


All that isn’t really ‘100% Analog Rythm’ now is it? :thinking:


Nice track, that kick is a monster!


Great track ! Congratulations sir.
Indeed, this kick is serious, I’ve never put something like this out of my Rytm.


What up fellas! I re did this track slightly - here’s a v2. The drop is slightly different and I added a noise hat from the Rytm. Check it out…I like this version better