1 hour techno liveset w/ 2x Digitakt

Hi everyone,

Worked months on creating grooves within to 2 digitakts for this liveset. The grooves you hear are all entirely built within the digitakts. No DAW was used at all. Live I arrange the grooves into full tracks, creating breaks and morphing grooves. The Db4 is a powerful tool as well in this setup. For some synth lines I recorded sounds I designed on a Dominion 1.

Please let me know what you think of it. Feedback more than welcome. :slight_smile: if you enjoyed it, please leave a like on YouTube.

I’m going to record a video next month about how I use this setup exactly. The setup consists of 2x digitakt, analog heat, A&H Db4. Cheers!


And on SoundCloud if you want to listen to it on the road for instance :slight_smile:


Any dynamics processing live or in post?

Compression or just overdrive?

Only Analog heat on the master output, live :slight_smile: no processing after the recording other than normalization and a little bit of limiting.

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It sounds lovely!

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nice grooves !

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I happened to stumble across this a week or two ago like right after you posted it, was very impressed and enjoyed watching/listening all the way through! Now I’m gonna go back and watch it again tonight :slight_smile:

I wish there were more “complete” songs/performances on the Digitakt, 90% of everything that pops up are all just “jams” and not really planned out or well constructed (aside from Red Means Recording and a couple from Dataline). As far as YouTube goes, anyway… haven’t gotten around to looking on Soundcloud or the productions/creations posts on here yet!

By the way, a few days ago you responded to my post about Tap Tempo locking on the “quick mute” function, and said you actually use that on purpose. Do you mean instead of hitting FUNC+BANK to do global mute, you do FUNC+TEMPO instead? You said it’s faster and I assume you mean because you only have to tap FUNC once afterwards to get out of the mute mode, instead of FUNC+BANK again?

Anyway, going way off topic. Again, great performance. :smile:


Thank you guys! Glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:

On the func+tempo mute mode: indeed. Getting out of mute mode is faster that way. I’m doing multiple things at once a lot of the time and func+tempo lets me have a temporary mute mode, sort of. I switch between mute mode and normally mode al lot and getting out of mute mode via func+bank is a bit quirky when working fast, e.g. sometimes I dubble press bank by accident and thus switch to global mute mode, which I don’t want, so I then have to switch back to pattern mute mode, which is a flow killer when building a breakdown for instance.

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22 minutes in, it’s frikkin’ dope


Thanks Bruin! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Wow! Nice work

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Sh1t hot. Been working on a similar concept.

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Makes me giggle when people call these boxes “doorstops” or “paperweights”


Really good set, some great grooves in there

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Out of curiosity and with the admission that I’ve listened to the recording on Soundcloud instead of watching the video; how heavily do you use the mixer in this set?

Good Stuff !!

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@DEEPMOSES @kristof

Cheers all, thanks for listening!

Very heavily. I use it to filter, add fx, add subtle and less subtle rhythmic stuff by peak delays amongst other things, and build breaks. Next to the functionality the dt’s have to offer :slight_smile: it’s a really great team.

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you’d like. I aim to record a video in februari on how I use everything and why. https://youtube.com/c/davemech

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Really nice music!

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That is one tuff set man. Great work…

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