1 hour of ambient music on Digitone



My Digitone arrived on Friday night, so I spent Saturday playing with some sounds. Plenty of things to learn, but I had a lot of fun, check it out if you’re wondering how the box sounds.

Digitone x 1
Electroharmonix Memory Man (Delay)
MIDI coming in from Ableton / Laptop


Hey! Glad to see you’re on Elektronauts!

I listened to this twice yesterday in anticipation for the arrival on my digitone!

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for making and sharing!


Thanks Ryan! This was day 1 with the machine, it’s really easy to get going with. Really looking forward to digging in deeper. Glad you enjoyed! :slight_smile:


Beautiful… made for some lovely background music at work!


Very nice sounds in this video.


halfway through, really enjoying it.

wondering why you chose to add a delay pedal. do you find you get on OK with the onboard delay? did you just want to add another layer of echo?

also curious about the lines that flash constantly across the digitone screen. are they just a video artifact, or do you see them on your unit?


The shutter speed + frame rate of the camera is causing interference with the refresh rate of the OLED, the Digitone is fine when viewed IRL.


Yeah, the flashing thing was annoying. I used a digital camera, but I’m thinking my iPhone would be better next time.

The delay pedal was added just because I love it - it glues everything together so well and I adore the filter. This is no comment on the Digitone’s delay (I actually haven’t had a chance to play much with the effects yet).


I love the part around 15:30 :+1:


My favorite is the one that starts at 18:25 :ok_hand:t3: