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0-Day Sysex returns to you again, this time with a release made on, and for, the Digitakt. The whole album spans 55 minutes over 11 tracks, and included in the download is 460 samples, 14 patterns and… The Max patches that were used to make the sounds.

What is even more special about this is that the Max patches are modified versions of the original Digitone prototype. Something for the curious.

Hope you enjoy - and as always, the content is royalty free to use and abuse.


The samples are insanely great, however, does the Digitakt have a character limit or something?

Can’t seem to get them to transfer over to the Digitakt. Could be user error, but I’ve never run into a problem sending samples over before.

Thanks for the support! Hmm, I just tried uploading all the samples yesterday to a fresh Digitakt and it worked fine. Are you using Transfer, latest OS, not in OB-mode?


Thanks for the quick response!

I was using C6, as I’m on an ancient machine.

For some reason the first two files from the project folder sent but none of the others did.

I’ll get on another machine tonight and try Transfer see if that’s the difference! I’ll leave an update.

I love the ethos behind these releases being so open. kudos. Can’t wait to get some time to play around with the samples after a good listen.


Just a quick update. Ran the samples through Audacity quickly. Now they transfer via C6 no problem! Funny thing.

I’ll still try to run the original samples through Transfer later on, but this was a quick solution.

Weird, I hope it’s not an issue with how Bandcamp handles zip files or something. They worked fine with C6 in 2017 … Haha. Well, good to hear that it’s working at least.

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Quick skim before sleep: sounds awesome! Close listening tomorrow.

And I’m getting that Max patch for sure :sunglasses:

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Nevermind, they are 32 bit. That’s so dumb, my mistake. They transferred fine in Transfer - and loaded fine in the project even! So I didn’t think twice about it.

@sinkingfeeling Thanks for noticing! They’re all fixed now and .zip has been updated.


Thank you Ess! I’ll go grab that new file now :smile:

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This is excellent. Thank you.

Love the music, but the added resources and the Max patches make this a real treat.

This is epic

Dude this is so f***ing dope! Do you now how much space I need on my digitakt for all the samples?

Some good gen ninja work to analyze there!

I might be simple, but… I purchased the album via Bandcamp, how do I get the samples?

The WAV download just has the songs… Am I missing something?

I downloaded an mp3 version and it has the additional files.

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I cannot believe how absent-minded I am nowadays. The files are there. God. Thanks!!!

Thanks to everyone for the support!

Hehe, well this is probably the first thing I did in Gen, so… It’s a fun and useful tool in any case. :slight_smile:

Right, the 0D-01.zip archive included in the Bandcamp download (any format) holds all the data.

Great work!! I was wondering how do you use the Max patches with the Digitakt? I don’t have a Digitakt, but this makes me want to get one!

They aren’t used with the Digitakt, but they are used to make samples for it. :slight_smile: