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Please post trader feedback in this thread. Please note there are presently three places to review/submit feedback .. Marketplace Buy Marketplace Sell Marketplace Trade [here]

[H] Mint open box Behringer Neutron [W] Anything polyphonic (5)
O coast for morphagene Germany EU (5)
My OB6 for your prophet 6 or pro2(UK) or possible other gear (2)
WTT Machinedrum/Analog Four (1)
Sold (2)
FT(UK only) : Analog Keys + Waldorf Pulse 2 for your A4 MK2 (Plus other trades) (12)
FT (US) My Rytm for your Octatrack (9)
[USA] 2019 Gear Liquidation (let's trade!) (1)
WTT (US): my Prophet 12 desktop for your Prophet Rev2 desktop OR DSI Tempest (5)
FT(EU/IE) My analog4 mk1 (and cash)for your TastyChips GR-1 (1)
*SOLD* Trade my Digitakt for Digitone / OP-Z (UK) (2)
My 0-Coast(SOLD), Vermona DRM1, Empress Delay (EU) *Pics added* (9)
Please Close - No Longer Available (2)
[UK-London] Please close (2)
Sold (4)
Yamaha Reface DX (plus £££) for your C&G Organelle? (London, UK) (1)
Trade my Digitakt (1)
OTO Machines Biscuit for Waldorf X-pole (2)
(US): your Digitone for my FS1R - DONE - please close thread (10)
FT(?) : Octatrack Mk2 in exchange for Analog Four Mk2 (3)
WTD Blofeld for Pitch Factor (LDN, UK) (1)
Please close (3)
WTT my Digitone your Digitakt (3)
(Netherlands) DT + DN mint condition for OT mk2 (1)
Jomox alpha Base for trade (2)
Close please, moved to FS (2)
Digitakt + Digitone Mint cond for AR MK2 (1)
Wooden sides and Zerack dual stand for trade (1)
WTT (US) OP-1 For Analog Four MK2 (2)