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Please post trader feedback in this thread. Please note there are presently three places to review/submit feedback .. Marketplace Buy Marketplace Sell Marketplace Trade [here]

FT (?) : AR Mk2 for A4 Mk2 (3)
FT (US): Max 8 full license [Model:Samples] (7)
M32 for Microvolt 3900 (EU) (US in Jul) (7)
FT [SWE/EU]: My mint Analog Rytm Mk1 for your OT (1)
FT [US] My Minilogue (og) + NI A25 MIDI key/software for your Model::Samples (2)
My Octatrack MK2 for your Analog Four MK2? (UK) (6)
[FT/UK] My Heat mk1 for your DFAM (1)
[SOLD- Please close] My Analog 4 Mk2 + $$$ for your Analog Rytm Mk2 (6)
FT (US) : withdrawn, please close (14)
Looking for morphagene (2)
FT (US) - My ? for your Digitone (1)
Please Close (DT is gone) FT (EU/GER) - My Digitakt +$$$ for your Analog Rytm MkI or MkII (2)
(USA) My Analog Rytm For Your Analog Keys? (5)
Sold: Please close (2)
FT: My Nord lead A1r plus cash for your virus polar (3)
FT (us/ww): my like new MASCHINE MK3 +cash for AR gen1 (10)
FT[UK]: komplete kontrol s49 mk2 + komplete select (1)
(US)My MachineDrum mkii for your Digitone(KEEPING) (4)
FT SOLD/Keeping heat (4)
(UK/LDN) Grendel RA-9 for? (4)
FT [UK/EU] : Digitakt/Digitone for Squarp/OT MK2/OP-1 (3)
FT: Sequential Dave Smith Prophet X for Waldorf Quantum (Portland, OR, USA) (1)
My Push 2 (plus cash) for your Octatrack MK2 ****FOUND, PLEASE CLOSE***** (2)
Please close, thank you! (7)
Trade My Octatrack mk1 for your Korg MS-20 (any type considered) (3)
FT (UK/Lon) : my R8-m for your machinedrum? (3)
My RYTM MKII for your Digitakt (Plus cash) (3)
Please close (2)
Mike of muffwiggler is trading a Buchla music easel for a partial type-O liver transplant [Toronto] (4)