why not delay and reverb at same time.

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GovernorSilver wrote
Here's a 9 min. shootout of various delay pedals - it's a bit old (2010) but the Aqua Puss and MXR Carbon Copy are included - those two $150 pedals compare pretty well to the more expensive ones, if I'm just considering the sound and not the features:

The MXR is cheap as, thata nd the blue box sound amazing. I might start looking into building my own pedals, a friend just built his own RAT clone. Even made his own PCB's

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Artsutanov wrote
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GovernorSilver wrote
I'm particularly on the lookout for the new Moog Minifooger delay.

That's still speculation. 

That may be so, but like I said, I'm not in a hurry and can afford to wait for months to get an analog delay pedal.

I also said I'd be willing to pick up a different make/model of pedal (eg. MXR Carbon Copy) if I saw it go on sale somewhere.
Get yourself some Puss(y) action.

This is quite beyond the price range of the Carbon Copy and Echo Puss, but it looks like a worthy competitor to the DMB Lunar Echo and the EHX Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo pedals - in the category of $250-$380 analog delay pedals that let you do crazy things.