Welcome to Elektronauts!

Welcome to Elektronauts! We hope this site will be a lively and inviting community for everyone interested in or actively using Elektron gear.

About Elektronauts
Elektronauts is conceived and hosted by us at Elektron. Naturally, caring for the site is a top priority of ours. Time and effort will be spent to make sure the site stays relevant, interesting, resourceful and spam-free. 

The ambition with Elektronauts is to offer an online meeting point for musicians all over the world. In other words, it is a place dedicated to you. Elektron representatives will be around, but we can not provide direct support via Elektronauts, nor will we answer questions relating to coming OS's, respond to feature requests or talk about future products. If you need official support, you need to contact Elektron Support via the official Support form.

If you need guidance on how to use Elektronauts, please read this little help document.

Future development
In the future, we plan to implement a media section, consisting of a sort of a video blog/audio blog which registered users can contribute to. Other additions to Elektronauts will include a file repository and an interview section. These features are already in the works, and have come a rather long way, but we feel they need a bit more polish before making them available.

Again - welcome!

The Elektron Team
Posted 2013-09-09, 12:17

Hell Bent on Circuits

Frankensteined gear alert! The Puremagnetik team has ripped up dozens of electronic instruments and totally rearranged their innards. If you ever wanted to know how demon possessed gear might sound, this is the Sound pack for you. Included is also a thorough collection of digital speech synthesis samples.

Hear Hell Bent on Circuits in action here.

Purchase Hell Bent on Circuits in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2013-09-06, 12:16

Utility Kicks Sound pack

A new Sound pack is available for the Octatrack - and this time it is all about kicks, kicks, kicks. Utility Kicks features 192 kick drum sounds, all of them meticulously created by the Sample Magic team. 

Listen to a demo in the Octatrack Sound & Video section. The Utility Kicks Sound pack can be purchased in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2013-08-23, 15:26

Ultimate FX Sound pack for the Octatrack

We got a new Sound Pack for you! Created by Sample Magic, Ultimate FX is seething with metal screeches, booming bombdrops, weird synthesizer bleeps and ear piercing loops. Perfect for sound design, or for adding that touch of weirdness to your songs.

Check the demos out on the Octatrack Sound and Video page and buy the Sound pack in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2013-08-16, 10:00

Elektron Talk with Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails should need no introduction. We sat down with keyboardist Alessandro Cortini to talk about Analog Four, Octatrack and why not being a classically trained keyboardist might be an advantage.

Read the full interview here.
Posted 2013-08-13, 15:15

Chillwave Sound pack available

Brought to you by the Sample Magic team, the Chillwave Sound pack imbues the Octatrack with serenity and tranquillity. Beautiful sonic landscapes, meditative chords and hazy drums. This is a collection of sounds sprung out of sun-faded and thoughtful days.

Listen to audio demos in the Octatrack Sound & Video page. Get Chillwave in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2013-07-04, 11:00

Elektron Talk with In Flames

Metal outfit In Flames discuss their penchant for electronic instruments in the most recent Elektron Talk interview. 

Read the interview here
Posted 2013-07-04, 08:58

Elektron product presentation videos for your pleasure!

Check out this YouTube playlist to get an idea about what Elektron machines are all about.
Posted 2013-07-01, 14:46

Monomachine Booster Pack

Boost your Monomachine with 3 sound collections, each consisting of 16 kits and patterns.

* The Room is geared towards ambient type compositions.
* Kraze is for anyone interested in experimental electronic music.
* Mechanic features material suitable for the minimal tech scene. 

Get the Booster Pack in the Monomachine Downloads section!
Posted 2013-07-01, 13:45