Octatrack OS 1.25G

Octatrack OS 1.25G is a bug fix release. Download it from elektron.se. For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.
Posted 2015-10-07, 12:50

Elektron Talk: Mogwai

In the late Nineties, something happened to the textural, atmospheric and murkily musical Mogwai sound. Something synthetic, alien and evocative appeared amid the guitars, basses and drums. Barry Burns happened, that's what. The amazing technicolor polyinstrumentalist. Read his musings on Mogwai, Chinese fortune and annoying the wife in the following interview.
Posted 2015-10-06, 13:31

We have a winner!

We are proud to crown toot! and his Analog Four creation the overall winner in the Science Lab challenge, toot! wins a machine of choice. 

Runners-up are Megahercz and Johann, they each win an Overhub. Congratulations to all three. 

See and hear the runners-up: 
Posted 2015-10-02, 13:26

Overbridge on OS X

The new version of OS X, El Capitan, does not currently support Overbridge. Naturally, we are working on bringing out an Overbridge update with El Capitan compatibility as soon as possible.
Posted 2015-09-30, 13:46

Elektron Talk: Double Diamond Sun Body

This talk is all about Robbie C Williamson, or, more precisely, his seriously mind-skewing audiovisual project called Double Diamond Sun Body. We managed to get hold of him in the middle of a Malibu Beach surfing binge.

Read the Talk

Posted 2015-09-23, 11:07

Science Lab Challenge

The challenge is to create a 15-30 second video, depicting how DAW automation and clever programming of one (1) track on your Overbridge enabled machine can be used to create a visual and musical whole.

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Posted 2015-09-09, 12:05

Overhub now shipping

We are happy to introduce Overhub, a 7-port USB 3.0 hub whose feature set is especially beneficial for Overbridge users.

Overhub is the perfect USB hub solution for the modern music studio. 7 USB ports and USB 3.0 technology ensure both great connectivity and support for fast data transfers. Not only allowing simultaneous operation of up to 7 units taking advantage of Overbridge, Overhub is also fully compatible with all types of USB peripherals and works right out of the box without having to install any drivers. For ultimate USB data transfer performance Overhub features Multi TT technology, warranting highly reliable and efficient merging of multiple USB data streams.

Overhub is available for purchase in the Elektron webshop or through a wide net of Elektron retailers. Retail price is 65 USD/69 EUR.

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Posted 2015-09-02, 12:21

Elektron Talk: Inhalt

Smart lyrics with a sharp edge of social awareness presented with a kick-ass, floorfilling musical vigor. Inhalt makes you dance, then think. Listen to some of their songs. Matia has also recently been busy working on an up-until-now secret project: the respawning of Tangerine Dream!

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Posted 2015-08-26, 12:20

Elektron Video Talk: Plaid

Plaid discuss their evolving use of musical equipment, the strengths of software and hardware and how they like to use the Analog Rytm.

Watch the interview
Posted 2015-08-24, 09:35

Overbridge discount for Analog Four/Keys/Rytm

Celebrate Overbridge with 15% discount on Analog Four/Keys/Rytm. Discounted prices are valid between August 14th and August 31st.

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Posted 2015-08-14, 10:57