All Analog machines 10% off

In celebration of the upcoming release of Overbridge 1.10, we discount Analog Keys/Four/Rytm by 10%. Offer valid until December 13 or while stocks last.

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Posted 2015-11-27, 08:48

Elektron Talk: The Bug

Kevin Martin has a pretty solid track record when it comes to making gut-wrenching music. GOD, Techno Animal and Ice are just some of the bands he's started (together with Justin Broadrick, John Zorn and Blixa Bargeld, among others) since the early 90's.

Most recently, as the Bug, he has smashed a Jamaican sound system and industrial electronics in a particle collider - to a most exquisite, irresistible and derailing musical result. Words can't describe the frenzy, rush and alarm you experience when hearing the vocals of Cutty Ranks, Warrior Queen or Flowdan on top of his visceral beats.

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Posted 2015-11-17, 12:46

Night of Machines - Berlin

To celebrate the release of Elektron Grammofon #2: The Bug vs. Sleng Teng we are throwing the most gravitational Night of Machines event to date.

The Bug (ft. Flowdan, Manga and Miss Red)
Frank Bretschneider
Projekt Dataline

Philipp Strobel

Where?  Arena Club, Eichenstrasse 4, Berlin
Price?  €8
When?  Thursday, November 26th. (Doors open at 22:00)

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Posted 2015-11-12, 11:13

Overbridge 1.0 and Overhub reviewed by MusicRadar

Overbridge 1.0 and Overhub has been reviewed by the MusicRadar tech lab, with a score of 4.5/5 for Overbridge and 4/5 for Overhub.

Read the Overbridge 1.0 review
Read the Overhub review
Posted 2015-11-05, 13:10

Elektron at DAVE Festival

We recently went to the DAVE Festival in Dresden, led a workshop showing off what's to come, and enjoyed Dataline sizzling the nightclub dance floor. Good vibes!
Posted 2015-11-04, 15:43

Elektron Talk: Wilco

We met up with Wilco keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen for a chat about music, literature, NASA and all things in between. We caught him standing outside the Rock & Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio and took it from there.

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Posted 2015-10-29, 14:38

2 x Germany

2 x Germany. Berlin and Dresden. We'll bring the machines along for a jam as we visit Ableton Loop in Berlin this weekend. On Saturday we also visit DAVE Festival in Dresden for an Overbridge workshop. Come jam with us, see interesting use cases and see what can be done with Overbridge!

Visit for more details.
Posted 2015-10-27, 13:09

We love The Bug

His music is an unholy melange of industrial sounds and Jamaican rhythms. He's such a nucleus of inspiration. Such a hydrogen bomb of musical power. Such a Sleng Teng superman.

Read about his upcoming Elektron Grammofon EP in FACT magazine, and listen to the two leaked tracks.
Posted 2015-10-23, 13:43

Elektron HQ: Now Playing

Want to know what Elektron HQ is listening to? Follow our weekly updated playlist on Spotify to stay informed.
Posted 2015-10-14, 14:12

SOS Awards 2016 Nominations

We are honored to have three products nominated for the Sound On Sound Awards: Analog Keys is nominated in the Keyboard/Synth category,  and both Octatrack and Analog Rytm are nominated in the Drum Machines, Samplers & Sequencers (Hardware) category.

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Posted 2015-10-12, 12:32