Analog Rytm now shipping

Analog Rytm is now available for purchase. The demand is very high and initial supplies are limited, so please note that our latest machine will be sold on a first come, first served basis - and that early orders might take a few days extra to process and ship.

Analog Rytm can be purchased in the Elektron Online Shop or from your favorite Elektron dealer.

Enjoy the power of eight voices of analog drum machine goodness!
Posted 2014-04-16, 15:20

Rytm specifications, sounds and waiting list

Analog Rytm is just around the corner, and today we publish the full specifications, and the first proper audio demos. We're not quite ready to start taking orders, but you may sign-up to the waiting list to be notified the second we are.
Posted 2014-03-28, 13:46

Analog Keys in stock

The production of Analog Keys is now in full swing. No more shortages! Get Analog Keys in the Elektron Online Shop or from your favorite retailer.
Posted 2014-03-18, 14:14

Overbridge. Full computer integration for Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm

We are very proud to reveal the forthcoming Overbridge implementation for Analog Four, Analog Keys, and Analog Rytm. This breakthrough technology completely erases the line between analog hardware and software plug-in instruments. For the first time in history, seamless DAW integration of analog synthesizers and drum machines is a reality.

Full VST/AU control
Thanks to Overbridge, the Analog range of Elektron machines can be deeply integrated with PC and Mac computers. The customized and machine specific software plugins, available in VST and AU formats, give direct parameter access over USB and allows efficient DAW based sound editing and sequencing. Overbridge merges the functionality of software plug-ins with the unmatched sound of analog hardware.

Bi-directional USB audio streaming
Overbridge makes multi tracking easy. Connect a USB cable and record multiple Elektron machine voices to separate DAW tracks in 24 bit quality. Or send audio from a DAW, process it with the analog circuitry of the Elektron machines and bring back the results to a new DAW track -€“ all over a single USB cable and without timing issues. Overbridge even allows the Analog range of machines to be used as multi-channel USB sound cards.

Total Recall
Management of analog sounds and sequences has never been easier. Any adjustments made either directly on the Elektron hardware or via the software plug-in can be automatically recalled when loading a DAW project. Overbridge offers ultimate convenience when handling Elektron machine data. 

Overbridge will be a part of a free OS update expected to be released Q4 2014. The OS update will work on all Analog Four, Analog Keys, and Analog Rytm units in existence. 
Posted 2014-03-12, 09:07

Sonic State reviews Analog Keys

Nick Batt from Sonicstate takes a close look on the Analog Keys.
Posted 2014-03-05, 13:02

Spotlight: Matt Karmil

Repetitive, warm bliss is what exits the mix buss when Matt Karmil operates his gear. The way he uses and abuses both old and new technology has garnered a lot of attention, and has recently resulted in the release of the magnificient 12” A Lot To Share – a true testament to the gardener principle: things covered in dirt tend to grow.

Read the full interview here.
Posted 2014-02-28, 08:50

Octa Pak Volume 6 - Indie Dance

Put on the ritz! Octa Pak 6 - Indie Dance is here, bristling with sounds inspired by the disco era and the sounds of the 1980s. The sound pack is filled with cutting edge samples from Loopmasters, pre-arranged and loaded for ease of use. 

Listen to sound examples from Octa Pak 6 - Indie Dance in the Octatrack Sound & Video section.

Get Octa Pak 6 - Indie Dance in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2014-02-21, 13:50

Call for moderators!

As Elektronauts is growing, more moderators are needed. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to PM Jon about becoming a moderator. In the PM, please include a little info about yourself and how much time you are willing to spend moderating.

[Update 2014-02-20] All mods are now onboard! For the time being no more applications are needed.
Posted 2014-02-12, 15:16

NAMM 2014 recap

NAMM 2014 is over. The Analog Rytm, which was shown to the public for the first time, garnered a lot of attention from visitors and media alike. Beatport and Audiofanzine both listed it as one of the top 5 products being shown at NAMM. We bow. 

Several video presentations were filmed as well. Future Music, DJTechtools, Sonicstate, and Guitar Center - to name a few - all captured the Analog Rytm live and direct. DV247 made a nice overview of the Analog Keys. Nova Musik made a great 35 min recording of both the Analog Rytm and Analog Keys in action:

Saturday = Night of machines event. All artists on stage were simply stunning, and the general atmosphere was just great. A big thanks to John Tejada, Dntel, Vicente Sanfuentes, Dataline, and The Binary Obsession for letting us enjoy their music in a proper setting! We left the venue - Los Globos - happy and tired, yet strangely refreshed.

Let's round off with a few NAMM highlights: 

  • Larry Dunn - original member of Earth, Wind & Fire - effortlessly playing the Analog Keys and clearly expressing his love for the instrument.
  • The friendly old lady in the parking booth.
  • LA sun and warmth. A nice break from the Swedish darkness and winter.
  • Sitting down after a day of standing up.
  • The passionate guys at Softwind demoing the Synthophone, a MIDI equipped saxophone.

Thanks all of you who stopped by our booth! So many nice conversations and discussions. Until next time!
Posted 2014-01-31, 12:46

Analog Rytm

Ladies and gentlemen - we are incredibly proud to present our latest machine. We give you: Analog Rytm. More info on the Elektron website soon.

For discussions regarding our this beat making machine, please head on over to the Analog Rytm forum.
Posted 2014-01-21, 12:46