Sound packs for Analog Keys/Four and Monomachine

Christmas comes early for Analog Keys/Four and Monomachine operators.

The Low Register Sound pack, conceived by Biologik for Analog Keys/Four, consists of 160 patches squarely situated in the lower frequency regions. Bass aficionados, rejoice!

For Monomachine, there's the Immortal Waves Sound pack. It contains 64 user waveforms derived from a Minimoog Model D, plus 16 patters and 16 kits demonstrating the power of the Monomachine sound engine. Audio demos available on SoundCloud. User waveforms assembled by Radek Rudnicki.

Get both Sound packs in the Elektron Support & Downloads section.
Posted 2014-12-19, 16:19

Elektron Talk: Frank Bretschneider

The Italian concept of sprezzatura has dominated the fashion world for a decade or so. It means, literally, nonchalance. Planned carelessness. A hint of unruly hair, imperfectly tucked shirt, and tie - if any - askew are a few of its attributes. Frank Bretschneider's work is the polar opposite of sprezzatura. There is no way that you can cosmetically hide that carefully planned effort has gone into every single composition. 

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Posted 2014-12-19, 09:14

Workflow: Octatrack

The final Workflow video is out! This time, the Octatrack is the star. Watch the other Workflow videos in this YouTube playlist.
Posted 2014-12-18, 10:18

Workflow: Machinedrum UW

Machinedrum UW is back in action in this Workflow video. Watch the Workflow videos for our other machines in this YouTube playlist.
Posted 2014-12-17, 16:46

Workflow: Monomachine

Want to create a crispy digital synthesizer beat? The Monomachine is the weapon of choice. Watch the Workflow videos for our other machines in this YouTube playlist.
Posted 2014-12-16, 13:45

Workflow: Analog Keys/Four

Analog Keys is in focus in this Workflow video. Watch the Workflow videos for our other machines in this YouTube playlist.
Posted 2014-12-15, 12:19

New Workflow video series

The new Workflow video series consist of videos showing how to make music with Elektron machines. Easy to get real world examples, fun to watch. First out is the Analog Rytm. During this week, all our machines will be covered - one new video each day.  Watch them in our Workflow YouTube playlist.
Posted 2014-12-12, 12:54

Winning streak

Hot on the heels of the Analog Rytm receiving the Future Music Hardware of Year award, our latest creation just got recognized again. The Analog Rytm can now pride itself on having received the Electronic Musician Editor's Choice 2015 award. Two major awards in two weeks. We are incredibly happy and grateful!
Posted 2014-12-10, 08:29

Black Weeks campaign

Massive discounts ahoy! During our Black Weeks campaign, all Elektron machines are discounted by 15%. The campaign starts Nov 28 and ends Dec 14.

Get Elektron machines in the Elektron Online Shop, or from your favorite Elektron dealer.
Posted 2014-11-28, 07:45

Elektron Talk: Antonio Tublén

The ideas Antonio Tublén explores in his soon-to-be classic science fiction feature film, LFO, are outrageous. Outrageous and unbelievable. But they are not so far-fetched as you might think. Without giving away the story, I can tell you this: Sound can be used to manipulate you.

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Posted 2014-11-20, 09:14