Divine 909 Sound pack for the Analog Rytm

909, how do we love thee. Let us count the ways. No, impossible. Instead, allow us to pay the legendary old-school techno box our respects in the form of the Divine 909 Analog Rytm Sound pack. Thanks to Goldbaby, this collection of tape saturated 909 samples contains the stuff drum machine dreams are made of.

Divine 909 demos on SoundCloud.

Get Divine 909 in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2014-08-29, 12:30

OS updates for the Analog machines

Bug fix OS updates for the Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, and Analog Four have been released. Get them in the Support and Downloads section.
Posted 2014-08-29, 11:25

B&H video review of Analog Rytm

US retailer B&H puts the Analog Rytm through its paces in this very informative video overview/review.
Posted 2014-08-27, 06:56

Elektron special feature: Fuck Buttons/Blanck Mass

Benjamin John Power is a man of cosmos and chaos. A soft-spoken vegan, a fearless and unfettered live performer, and a provocateur. Read on, but at your peril: the following will contain some of the foulest words from the last thousand years or so.

Read the full interview.
Posted 2014-08-21, 07:53

SID Redux Sound pack for Analog Rytm

The spirit of the Sidstation lives on - and it has found a comfortable home in the Analog Rytm. We have programmed and sampled our first-born machine and are proud to present the SID Redux Sound pack: a collection of gnarly, home computerish, and totally wonderful percussive sounds. This Sound pack will give your beats a lovely digital edge of the rusty kind.

Listen to SID Redux audio demos on SoundCloud.

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Posted 2014-08-15, 12:06

Elektron Jam Session #4: Punish your machine feat. Cuckoo

Cuckoo paid us a visit, and luckily we had just finished building our Jam session studio. Rec was pressed and history was made. This jam consists of some serious Analog Keys, Analog Rytm, Octatrack, and Monomachine action. 
Posted 2014-08-15, 12:05

Want to work with Elektron Customer Support?

We are looking for an addition to the Elektron Customer Support crew. If you want to work in a creative and forward-thinking environment, helping other Elektron users to the best of your ability - do not hesitate to apply.

Job description and more info on how to apply here.
Posted 2014-08-11, 13:48

Straight 808 Sound pack for Analog Rytm

Rejoice! The first Sound pack for the Analog Rytm has hit the web. Straight 808 consists of a hand picked selection of tape saturated 808 samples, all recorded by Goldbaby. Load 'em in, tweak, mangle, and enjoy. The Analog Rytm is ready to retro-boom.

Listen to Straight 808 audio demos on SoundCloud.

Buy Straight 808 in the Elektron Online Shop.
Posted 2014-08-01, 13:26

OS updates for the Analog series

Analog Keys and Analog Four OS 1.11
This OS features SWING settings per TRACK, better menus, MIDI improvements, better compability with certain computer configurations and more. It also squashes some bugs. For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.

Get OS 1.11 in the Analog Four Downloads section.

Analog Rytm OS 1.02B
This OS features smoother file handling, pad pressure modulation in CHROMATIC mode, better compatibility with certain computer configurations and more. It also squashes some bugs. For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.

Get OS 1.02B in the Analog Rytm Downloads section.
Posted 2014-07-11, 13:05

Elektron special feature: Simonne Jones

The world has seen two major scientific discoveries in the last couple of years: the Higgs boson has been detected at CERN, and evidence pointing to the existence of gravity waves has been collected by the BICEP instrument at the South Pole Amundsen-Scott research station. Both are crucial and greatly anticipated discoveries - and yet they are fundamentally incongruent. They represent the ever present problem of what the basic grain of the universe is. Particles? Waves? 

In a way, the same dichotomy is true for producer, artist, musician, and biochemistry researcher Simonne Jones. Is she a scholar? Is she an electronic musician? A musical scientist? A scientific musician? Like the particle/wave duality of nature, Jones excels at combining the two, as anyone fortunate enough to have seen one of her poly-curricular shows will agree.

Read full interview.
Posted 2014-07-03, 07:34