Let's hear it for an instinctively musical, highly original and vexingly productive artist: our good friend Legowelt. This week, he rummaged through piles and piles of 3 1/2-inch disks to find some of the most rare, crunchy and distinctive samples he's been using throughout his 20+ year career.

Read a freshly squeezed interview

Check out the fantabulous Legowelt Studio Sound Pack
Posted 2015-05-21, 14:11

Modular festivals in Tokyo and Kyoto

This year, Elektron will participate in the Tokyo Festival of Modular (16-17 May) and the Kyoto Festival of Modular (23-24 May). Expect inventiveness, experimentation and sheer musical joy on both occasions! Find more info on their Facebook page.
Posted 2015-05-11, 12:44

Synchrotron Sound Pack for Analog Keys/Four

Nicholas Lem has created 128 sounds for the Analog Keys/Four. The Synchrotron Sound pack consists of 100% royalty free sounds, ranging from modularesque leads to staticky drums. Like the massively ambitious plasma experiment that lends the pack its name, these sounds inspire further tweakage and experimenation of your own!

Welcome to a selection of sounds of a very promising nature. They take you to a long lost day and age, reminiscent of the early age of electricity. Before the strange invisible fluid called electricity had been fully tamed and defined, it was a wholly benign force. Anyone with a bit of curiosity could experiment and be awed by its seemingly limitless possibilities. Today, electricity is everywhere. It has powered our rise to modernity. But it is also an intimidating power, in theory and practice. It is to be feared, respected and not to be messed with. Not so in the sounds found here. They take you back to the time when electricity was a fun, unfettered mold that you could shape according to your own desire. Tap it from the earth or from the sky. Harness the power of the sun. Make it sing.

Download the pack, watch the promo and listen to sound examples here.
Posted 2015-05-08, 11:18

Klute talk

Klute does drum & bass like no other. The ragamuffin irreverence and rugged individualism that this guy exudes is just not possible to fix in writing. It has to be heard and experienced. Constantly disregarding artistic and musical conventions, always with a big smile on his face. Read on. This is his story of skateboards, samplers and sordid breaking of legs. Click here to read the talk.
Posted 2015-05-07, 14:11

Junkyard Sound pack for Analog Rytm

When tools and gadgets finally retire, after a long and productive life of chore and utility, a few lucky ones may enjoy a second spell of virtue as musical instruments. The classic one-piece Estwing hammer, for instance, was originally designed to produce a pitch perfect tone when struck straight-on-the-nail. Handle worn off, face dented and shaft rusted, it would still serve its sonic purpose. A good sound can never die. What is trash to the eye may be a treat to the ear. Enjoy.

The Junkyard Sound Pack contains a selection of samples created by Loopmasters, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm. The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros. The samples (but not the patterns, kits and macros) may also be used on the Octatrack and the Machinedrum UW.

To purchase or listen to sound examples, click here
Posted 2015-04-29, 13:37

Overbridge @ Musikmesse

Overbridge was the big thing at Musikmesse 2015. Cuckoo came by for a demo, check out the tight sync and other neat features in his report.

Posted 2015-04-20, 15:13


At this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse, we will show you the VSTi part of Overbridge for the first time. Our booth is in hall 5.1, booth number B33.

Click through to to see release schedule and features
Posted 2015-04-15, 04:17

Free Sound pack: Oxford Overdrive

This sound pack, made exclusively for the Monomachine, contains a smattering of user waveforms of a very special kind. Contrary to what many people believe, there were in fact some rare and beautiful synthesizers produced during the mid-80’s. The OSCar, made by the UK-based Oxford Synthesizer Company, was a 2-oscillator programmable synth capable of harmonic synthesis, various special filter modes, including a highly musical overdrive, that gave it a beautifully imaginative sonic character. If you’re close friends with Stevie Wonder or Jean-Michel Jarre you may want to ask if you can borrow one of theirs. If not, the next best thing is to dig into these Oxford Overdrive waveforms.

Your Monomachine, equipped with these, will be able to produce some of the most warm, rich and evocative sounds hitherto reserved for those lucky few who own an actual OSCar. All waveforms are assembled by Radek Rudnicki. The Patterns and Kits are crafted by Elektron. Please note that this Sound Pack will only work on MKII +DRIVE versions.

Check the Oxford Overdrive presentation video
Listen to SoundCloud sound examples

Download it for free in the Support and Downloads section
Posted 2015-04-10, 12:54

Elektron Talk: Jesper Kyd

Meet Jesper Kyd, composer of some of the most original and acclaimed video game music of the past fifteen years. If you have ever played the Assassin's Creed, Hitman, Darksiders or Borderlands series of games, among many, many others, rest assured that your heart was musically massaged, unsettled and warmed by his sounds. To many of us, though, Kyd was already a legend. Back in the late eighties and early nineties, he made some unforgettable sonic contributions to the C64 and Amiga demo scenes.

Read the interview.
Posted 2015-04-02, 06:08

Analog Rytm Sound pack: Total Tabla

The Tabla is a set of musical drums, originally sprung from Indian classical music, thousands of years ago. With the Total Tabla Sound Pack, you get 123 distinct Tabla samples. You also get a custom made project, with kits, patterns and macros designed to show off the combined power of Tabla and Analog Rytm. The samples were recorded by the elusive Neybuu, who spent 10 years of intense training in India with one of the most prominent contemporary Tabla artists.

Check out the Total Tabla presentation video 

Listen to four sample Total Tabla tunelets

Read an interview with Neybuu

Buy the Total Tabla Sound Pack
Posted 2015-03-27, 12:59