OS updates for the Analog series

Analog Keys and Analog Four OS 1.11
This OS features SWING settings per TRACK, better menus, MIDI improvements, better compability with certain computer configurations and more. It also squashes some bugs. For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.

Get OS 1.11 in the Analog Four Downloads section.

Analog Rytm OS 1.02B
This OS features smoother file handling, pad pressure modulation in CHROMATIC mode, better compatibility with certain computer configurations and more. It also squashes some bugs. For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.

Get OS 1.02B in the Analog Rytm Downloads section.
Posted 2014-07-11, 13:05

Elektron special feature: Simonne Jones

The world has seen two major scientific discoveries in the last couple of years: the Higgs boson has been detected at CERN, and evidence pointing to the existence of gravity waves has been collected by the BICEP instrument at the South Pole Amundsen-Scott research station. Both are crucial and greatly anticipated discoveries - and yet they are fundamentally incongruent. They represent the ever present problem of what the basic grain of the universe is. Particles? Waves? 

In a way, the same dichotomy is true for producer, artist, musician, and biochemistry researcher Simonne Jones. Is she a scholar? Is she an electronic musician? A musical scientist? A scientific musician? Like the particle/wave duality of nature, Jones excels at combining the two, as anyone fortunate enough to have seen one of her poly-curricular shows will agree.

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Posted 2014-07-03, 07:34

Analog Rytm OS 1.02

A new Analog Rytm OS has been let loose. OS 1.02 features several sample transfer improvements, and some bugs have been squashed.

Get OS 1.02 in the Analog Rytm Downloads section.

Posted 2014-06-27, 09:46

Elektron special feature: Kid Koala

Kid Koala (Eric San) is without question the most prolific and fervently productive arboreal marsupial in the northern hemisphere. Apart from evolving the artisan craft of turntabling (and getting picked up by Ninja Tune at the age of 22), he has scored films, produced graphic novels, books, and, most recently, a new take on the classic vaudeville show. He is one of the three pillars — alongside Del and Dan the Automator — of the fantastic hiphop edifice Deltron 3030.

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Posted 2014-06-25, 07:02

Spotlight: Erika

The notions of space and Detroit are two very good springboards for late night studio sessions. The fact is proven by Hexagon Cloud, the solo LP debut by Erika. The sparse, other-worldy melodies intersecting with deep Machinedrum beats create an atmosphere of intriguing strangeness. This is brilliant stuff.

Read the interview here.
Posted 2014-06-19, 13:12

Elektron special feature: DNTEL

Synthpop never really existed in America during its heyday in the 1980s. When Depeche Mode, Erasure and Pet Shop Boys made Europe weird and wonderful, there seemed to be a poorly executed covert government operation at work in America: anything in popular culture hinting at transcending orthodox male/female molds had to be acted upon harshly, swiftly and without mercy. With mullets. With electric guitars. Soaking everything in Jack Daniel's. Today, the tide has turned and James Tamborello is a part of the resistance.

Read the full interview here.
Posted 2014-06-05, 12:02

Elektron - From Sid to Rytm - A Brief History

Time for a trip down the memory lane. In the Sonicstate studios, we recently gave a presentation of the Elektron company history, including showing and demoing basically all our machines ever released. Watch and marvel over how things have evolved since the Sidstation.
Posted 2014-06-05, 08:41

Elektron special feature: Warpaint

Warpaint is the best thing to come out of California since Orange Julius (a divine beverage made of freshly squeezed oranges and a knife's tip of secret ingredients). This year is truly the year of Warpaint. Their signature album Warpaint, produced by Flood, was released. They have been touring relentlessly, played at Glastonbury, shared a stage with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. They've been on Conan. Meet their key member, the powerfully austere, and loudly quiet, guitarist and keyboardist Emily Kokal.

Read the full interview here.
Posted 2014-05-22, 14:24

Analog Rytm at Sonicstate

We recently paid Sonicstate a visit to show Nick the capabilities of the Analog Rytm. Watch, listen, and enjoy!
Posted 2014-05-22, 10:36

Analog Rytm OS 1.01

With the first OS upgrade for the Analog Rytm, aside from general performance and usability improvements, we introduce two new machines featuring Linear Frequency Modulation synthesis: Bass Drum FM and Snare Drum FM.

Linear Frequency Modulation synthesis enriches the spectrum of a sound with new overtones. The result differs from what we are used to from classic subtractive synthesis. It can be harmonic or disharmonic, strictly electronic-sounding or with an acoustic or physical quality.

Transient FM sounds often have inharmonic spectra resembling the membrane snaps of real acoustic drums. With the new machines for the Analog Rytm, powerful FM synthesis can be combined with subtractive multimode filtering. Quite simply, the best of two worlds.

Download OS 1.01 and the updated manual here.
Listen to the FM machines in action here.
Posted 2014-05-16, 15:10